5 ways to stop the suffering of the mind.

5 ways to stop the suffering of the mind. We all can be sad at some point in our lives. So sadness is not the problem here, but being unable to face and overcome this feeling is a bigger problem. This is the main cause behind the suffering of the mind.


5 ways to stop the suffering of the mind.



The suffering of the mind leads to various types of problems and mental disorders. Problems like, we do not want to do any work, our retention level will be low, our focus level will be low, and anger and frustration will become our part of life.

Mental Disorders like anxiety, depression, sleeping disorder, and other mental issues.


 A healthy mind is a key to our success. Even we have all the comforts of life. But we do not feel relaxed and happy from the inside. Until then our mind feels relaxed and happy.


The mind is like the powerhouse of the human body. Which manages our actions and reactions. This means what we act and how we react in a particular situation are controlled by our minds.


For example, when you are in your office, suddenly your boss calls you. And tells you that you are fired from the company.

Suddenly, you will feel that the ground has slipped under your feet. You have no words to tell.

Here the role of the mind will come. If you will be the owner of a powerful mind. You will keep yourself calm, and silent and give an intro of patience.


First, you will tackle the situation calmly, instead of halting your journey. You will search calmly on various alternatives and then make a good decision like maybe you start your startup.


But if your mind will be full of suffering and weakness. You will feel sad, your brain stops thinking, you feel anxiety, and in some cases, people go into depression.

So, a powerful mind leads to the integrated development of people. Let’s see.


Why do our minds suffer?


There are many reasons why our minds will be suffering. But for me, in all, two reasons are more predominant. The first reason is our negativity. Mostly our mind depends on our thoughts, attitudes, and personalities.


What we think becomes our action, our positive and negative attitude determine our thinking process, action, and tackling of any situation. And our personality is the integration of our thoughts and attitude.


These three’s integrations affect our minds. And our minds change into negativity. So it changes us in a car with breaks and but without engines.


The negativity fills our minds with fear, prejudice, speculation and greed. Our mind does not hear our soul’s voice and does not see what happened in our surroundings.


The situation may be good or bad. The negative minded people attract negativity from it and hold it. The problem with these people is not only with them. But they propagate it in others who come in touch with them. 


The second point, which I explain with the help of a story of Mahatma Buddha. The story is like that. It was a matter of time before the rare Gautam Buddha went to a village. There was a river on the border of the village and some children were playing there.  


They were seriously engaged in the game of building houses out of the sand. Where many children are playing, they also harm each other’s houses and they also destroy each other’s sand houses. 

Even so, one stone is enough to spoil the sand houses. Children would try to spoil each other’s homes and started getting angry at each other.  


Buddha was watching this standing.  After a while, it was time for sunset. The children’s mothers started calling them home, ‘Now come home, have breakfast.  


On hearing this, the children jump on the sand house built by themselves and run towards the house. Didn’t even look back. The same house for which they were fighting with each other a while back.  


Buddha said to his disciples, ‘Life is nothing more than this.  ‘ All our seriousness is for the sand house.  For those palaces, which one day you will leave on your own and you won’t even care about it. Those who are immersed in seriousness, remain untouched by the beauty of the real joy of life.  


My purpose behind telling this story was to explain how serious we are about acquiring a lavish life. For this, we recklessly run behind it. But on the other hand, our minds are poisoned.


Our mind indulges in greed and fear, it will make us cowardly, it will decrease our self-esteem, our self-confidence changes into self-doubt, and it causes loss of self-control.


5 ways to stop the suffering of the mind?


1. Accept the situation. 


Embracing your sadness isn’t easy for anyone.  But, the first step to feeling better is to accept your feeling instead of denying them or running away from it

Means in simple words, do not lie to yourself and always accept your truth. You will feel relieved. Emotions will change and come and go.  

So if you want, then cry. Your sadness may be the result of a change that you did not expect. So think about your feelings in a non-judgmental way.  

This will help reduce the intensity of the feelings. You will feel better. And easily stop the suffering of your mind.

2. Meditation.


Take a deep breath and release negative emotions with your breath. When our body experiences tension. Then our heart, muscles, blood everything works harder than needed to function optimally.  


Because Usually, when our mind struggles, we eat more, drink or shout more and vent our frustrations. Which leads to various types of mental and health issues. Like obesity, sleeping sickness, anxiety, and depression.


Instead of all this, there is an easier way to stop the suffering- just breathing. As you gain more control over your breathing, you will start to feel more in control of your emotions.  


Taking deep breaths will relax your mind and body, which will reduce stress and discomfort. Place your hands on your stomach area. Take a deep breath in through the nose and while inhaling push your hands away from the stomach.  

Breathe out slowly through your mouth and draw your belly in.  While doing this, make a subtle sound of ‘ha’ from your mouth.  Do this 7-8 times. This technique will help to relax and calm the nervous system. This will make you feel better.

3. Write down your concerns.


Whenever you feel confused, lost or sad, take a piece of paper and write for five minutes or more without stopping. 

Write down whatever comes to your mind about your current situation, your life, and your circumstances.  


Write down any thoughts or pictures that come to your mind, even memories of your past, that are bothering you. 

This is because writing helps to release the energy attached to your thoughts. You can throw away the paper after practice. This exercise can also prove to help get you out of sadness and stop the suffering.

4. Do what you want.


Make time for an activity or hobby that makes you happy easily, in which you get pleasure.  Be it social service, singing, dancing, solving puzzles or spending time in nature.  


To change your mood and let go of your sadness, try doing something that will make you feel better. Laughing can be a good weapon in response to pain and sadness.  


Laughter, like exercise, releases endorphins, which lower the stress hormone cortisol and increase dopamine, the feel-good hormone.  


It may happen that if you do not want to laugh at all, then it does not matter, take your time. But always find a reason to laugh. 

Try to live in the company of cheerful people or other positive influences such as good books, you will feel lighter and more positive than before. And it helps you stop the suffering. 

5. Love yourself.


Love and your mind complement each other. Love is our inbuilt feature. Love differs us from animals. Love is the feeling, which generates emotion in us. 


If there is no love, we are like a rock, without any pain and happiness. Mostly those whose mind is suffering. They hate themselves. They lose their self-control, live in self-doubt, and lose their self-esteem.


So if I tell them a puppet, which thread is in the hand of others, won’t be wrong. So to stop the suffering we will first start to love ourselves. You automatically find that your self-confidence will increase day by day.


So to stop the suffering of the mind, we have to follow five steps. First, accept our pain or suffering, then write down our feelings and actions on a paper sheet, which will help you to better evaluate yourself.

When you will start to love yourself, do meditation and do what you want to do. These five steps help you to heal your mind.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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