Do you live your life in the shadows?

Do you live your life in the shadows? Whenever we talk about the shadow. It seems like we talk about others different from us. That is why we include the word my, our, and you with shadow.

Do you live your life in the shadows?



The shadow you see in the light coming from the front in the dark is not the only shadow.  Some shadows live inside you too. You all sometimes notice that. We are scared about our shadow.


Because our minds did not judge it. That the shadow is our or of others. If I tell you the different shadows that live inside us is our lie.


Which mould a new shadow inside us, from which we keep denying our truth.

The different shadows which live inside us. It comes out from inside us. To save us from the fear of acceptance of the truth. 


Because the truth is always bitter like medicine. And the lie is always sweeter like Ethylene glycol, a sweet poison. Sweet in the test but are very lethal.


Do you live your life in the shadows?

How do we make our shadow inside ourselves?


FACING A SHADOW, a book by psychiatrist and educator Patrick Korns forces you to look within yourself.  

Gives an extension to our thinking. If you are told that you live with many shadows, you might find this line related to Astro-science.  Come on, let’s understand it this way.  


About three years ago, a 46-year-old doctor was working in America. He was beginning to feel that something was changing inside him, he was not the same.  


And he was doing or wanted to do things. That he had never done it before. He felt that he could no longer sleep at night. 

Because he has started liking horror movies. He has started finding the company of women boring. His mind had started to drift away from work. 


In those days he heard about Patrick and went to meet him. Patrick says, ‘That man was as normal as us, just like me. Shadows were just starting to accumulate inside him.  


They describe the shadow within the body in this way. This shadow is that part of our personality that we never accept. These things of our personality go on doing home in the unconscious part. 


If you do not recognize or face them at the right time, then they trouble you in many other ways.  The reasons for this are any accident that happened in childhood, family disputes, escape, war, separation, and mental or physical trauma.


The trauma of childhood, dispute, separation, the pressure of keeping your secret. These are some reasons that fill us with fear and stress. When we start thinking about it. And that fear forces us to lie to ourselves.

Gradually the lie moulds into a shadow of ourselves. And you start to live your life in the shadows.


How to overcome your shadow?


For this, you have to first accept the truth. That you want to tell anything with you, which you never tell anyone.


The second step is to identify the means. From which you put out the secret from yourself. For this, you consult with a psychiatrist. 

But all will be dependent on you. Whether you want to come out from your shadow. Or you want to live your life in the shadows.

The third step is to take out your frustration and negativity. Shadows of Light, If there is light in front of us in the dark, then the shadows also start walking with us.


The famous thinker and psychologist Sigmund Freud said in one of his articles about shadows that you can shoot the shadow, strangle it, or throw something at it. Even after this, you can stand without any damage. 


We make a mistake in life, and we think of the shadow we build in front of the public. Decides our height in society. But it does not decide our height. We try to knot all these inside us. It forces you to live your life in the shadows.


We think that the fictitious shadow is our real shadow and looks good to others. But in reality, that shadow changes into the shadow of the devil. Which makes us afraid of chance after chance. In the night, in the dark and when we are alone.


Do not keep these things in a knot inside you.   Try to talk with your near ones. Until the knots of your shadow will not open and take them out, then only you can live freely. It helps you to come out from the life in which you live in the shadows.


Let us take the example of a doctor. Whom we talked about previously in this article. First, the doctor noticed the changes in his behaviour. And accepted the truth.


Second, he wanted to end these changes. So he went to Patrick for the solution. And third, eager to take out his frustration and unusual behaviour from inside. He wanted to come out of his life. He wanted to leave for the shadows.


Precautionary measure.


These precautionary measures protect you from involving your life in the shadows. And will help you to live freely.

These measures are:


1. Meditation- It helps you to make yourself mentally and spiritually strong. Because accepting the truth is the most difficult task.


So, to accept the truth, you have to be mentally strong. A Spiritually strong man never fears anything. Because their willpower and hope are strong.

So, to live your life out of your shadow, you have to do mediation and mindfulness practice. 


2. Know about your truth and pain- As we above understand. Your fear of accepting truth and pain. Push yourself to live your life in your shadow.

So why not accept it. Because if you do not accept it. Nothing will be changed. Give yourself some time to think. So accept it and live your life out of your shadow.


3. Move forward in life integrally- Mostly people run like without rein behind success.  During the chase. You lose many things behind. Your family, social life, and peace and comfort.


These all are as important as your success in your life. This pushes you to live your life in the shadows. So it would be right that we move slowly. And wrap up all the things integrally.


4. Share your secret- The secret is another major issue. Which pushes you to live your life in the shadows.

So trust someone and explain all your misery to them. It protects you from becoming an atom bomb. 


5. Come out from your trap- All the above mistakes. Make you a spider. That always weaves the trap. And himself gets caught in the trap.

This leads you to live your life in the shadows. So come out of your trap and live a free life.

Motivational speaker and life coach Quincy Hawley say, ‘I was about forty years old when I saw my shadow for the first time. 

I was vacationing in the mountains then. I was alone and was struggling with the difficulties of life. At that time I felt that my shadow moving around me was teaching me a lot.

No one can erase who I am. No one can stop me from doing what I want to do. I am different, this shadow is only mine. ’ 


He says that as soon as the darkness disappears, the shadow emerges from outside and comes inside you.  


He also takes this as a philosophy, ‘It is a sign that the light has not gone anywhere, it is within you. The shadow says that take out the frustrations inside you, and the bad thoughts.

So, you do not live your life in the shadow, live free, live happily.

Best of luck.

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