What is the karma tree of life?

At this time there is a strange competition in the world. Some want a promotion, some want a job and some want every comfort. And people are ready to go to any level to achieve that. The desire full them with greed, fear, and selfishness. Which makes them stressed. The karma tree of life keeps people relaxed and fills them with positive vibes.


What is the karma tree of life?

It is also called the feng shui tree. This karma tree of life represents stability and prosperity in life. This tree relaxes the mind, calms your mood, chakra balancing and spiritual healing, and helps in meditation and energy therapy.
What is the karma tree of life?



The unique gems of the karma tree of life have their respective ability, like the clear quartz ability that enhances clarity, manifestation, and focus. Amethyst leaves help to climb energy, maintain your health and stress relief.


Rose quartz leaves help you to fill your love life with unconditional love, friendship, and romance. 

Tiger’s eye leaves help to increase your courage, give you a balanced life and protect you from the enemy. It is also called rudraksha. It directly represents lord shiva. The God of life and death.

Citrine leaves help to fill your life with happiness, reflect a positive energy, and enhance your image. Which helps to clear Fog from your life.


Aventurine leaves full your life with abundance, prosperity, and good luck. Carnelian leaves represent creativity, confidence and passion. Which helps to decrease your level of stress.


So these are some stones and leaves from which the whole karma tree of life is made. The tree is bound with the help of a copper wire.


In short, these help you to calm down your seven chakras of life. It helps in managing chakras and keeping them under control.


Now, many questions arise in your mind? What are the seven chakras? What is their role? And how does the karma tree of life with gems help to control it?

The seven chakras and their role in life? 


Muladhara or root chakra is related to instinct, protection, existence and fundamental potential of human beings. This centre is located between the genitals and the anus. 


Colour: red


The swadhisthana chakra is located in the sacrum. Produces a variety of sexual secretions. By fusion of the testicles or ovaries. Which are associated with the reproductive cycle.  


Colour: orange 


Manipura or Manipuraka Chakra (solar plexus chakra) is related to the metabolic and digestive systems. 

This chakra takes place at the navel. It plays an important role in digestion and converting foods into energy for the body.  


Colour: yellow


Vishuddhi chakra: This chakra also acts as protection against the adverse effects of stress. It gives effect in speech

Which is located in the neck and produces thyroid hormones. Which leads to growth and maturation. 


Colour: blue or turquoise


The Agya Chakra is located between the two eyebrows. The main theme of the Agya is to balance the higher and lower ego and trust the inner guidance.  


Colour: blue or dark blue


Sahasrara chakra (Crown chakra) is generally considered. To be the circle of pure consciousness. It is located right up in the middle of the head. 


Mental function is associated with universal consciousness and unity, and emotional action is associated with existence. 


Colour: purple colour


Anahata chakra or Anahatapuri or Padma-Sundar is related to the hair gland. It is located in the chest. This chakra also acts as a defence against the adverse effects of stress.


The main themes associated with Anahata are it fills us with positive vibes, it gives us the understanding to feel other emotions, and it breathes our nature to tackle any complex situation in life. 


Colour: pink


Karma tree of life


How does the karma tree of life impact these chakras?


Rose quartz leaves of the karma tree of life:

which are light pinkish. Fills your life with unconditional love and friendship. 


Its direct effect on the Anahata chakra ( heart chakra). Which is associated with compassion, warm-heartedness, and devoted love.


Amethyst leaves of the karma tree of life are found in purple and directly impact our mood. It directly affects our Sahasrara chakra, also called crown chakra.


Amethyst leaves is related to our mental function, by solidarity we increase our concentration and decrease mental stress and confusion. It helps in making good decisions.


Tiger eye leaves of the karma tree of life come in various colours black, red, and green. It represents courage, confidence, security and balanced life.

Tiger eye directly affects two chakras, root chakra and swadhisthana chakra (sacral chakra).


Tiger eye leaves works to place harmony in our life. It decreases our egoistic nature. Tiger eye leaves helps to keep us down to earth. It helps us to explore deep spiritual consciousness. Tiger eye manages our digestive system.


Citrine leaves of the karma tree of life are found in yellow. It attracts energetic vibes from the universe. 

Citrine leaves helps to boost your self-esteem and helps to release anger and tension from your mind. It enhances the Manipuraka Chakra and swadhisthana chakra.

The citrine helps in the alignment of both chakras for the best outcomes. It helps to take away the negative energy from your life.


Aventurine leaves of the karma tree of life are found in red, blue, and green. It directly affects our heart chakra. Aventurine leaves helps to balance the nervous system and helps with fertility issues.


It also affects the swadhisthana chakra. Encourage decisive action. Helps in emotional and mental healing.


The Carnelian leaves of the karma tree of life are found in red. It is also called sunset stone. This leaves represents fertility.

Warriors also used this stone during their battle. And it helps to improve personal power and confidence.


It directly affects the root chakra. This leaves opens the blocked root chakra and gives you the confidence to take risks.

He has full command. It also elevates the inner fire of love. Which helps you in a happy relationship.


I hope now it will be clear, what are the seven chakra and chakra roles in life? And how do the crystal leaves of the karma tree of life impact the chakra? But according to me still, two questions will ruminate in your mind.


How does the karma tree of life work?


Frankly speaking, there is no established scientific record of how the crystals worked? In India, for various years the stone was used for mental and spiritual healing. People of India wear rings and necklaces made with these stones. 


These stones are rich in mineral properties. When they rub with our skin. It is chemically absorbed by our body and heals our emotions and chakras. But this happens when we wear it.

But what happens when it is fixed in a sculpture like a karma tree of life. It works because they have vibrational, radiational and magnetic properties. 


One piece of advice, which I want to give. When you establish a karma tree of life. On one thing you give attention. 


That you put the krama tree of life on which place the light falls. If it is sunlight. It’s well and good. If not then artificial light is ok. But the light will fall on the karma tree of life.


Why do I tell you that? Because when the light falls on the karma tree of life’s leaves. It reflects towards us and spreads in the full room. The radiation of positive vibes will spread over the place. And you start feeling better.


These stones have their special vibration and frequency. This is because of their molecular structure. And that is why the vibration of these stones is similar to the vibration of our body.


That’s why it uplifts our mood, mind, and health. It also works aromatically. Its magnetic property absorbs all the negative energies and welcomes positive vibes.


They all are naturally extracted, harnessing the energy of the sun, moon, and oceans. It can help you in physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing.


So I hope the above explanations will clear your view. How does the karma tree of life work? But I know still one question will trouble you.


Does the karma tree of life work or not in reality?


To answer this question is very difficult. Because for some, it does work, and for some, it does not work. Because I know some people. Who got a good job. 

Some had marriage problems. But After wearing a stone ring his life will be turned. She got married. I had also worn a stone called hakim. My wife wears a locate of rose quartz stone.


Some people fixed the karma tree of life in their house. And they tell me that they feel relaxed. When they enter the room where they fixed it. But when I read the review, Some people called it a ridiculous product.


I do not doubt the potential of the stone. But I am a reviewer. So it’s my duty, I must search about why people find it ridiculous.

So after doing research, I found that there are a few problems.


1. Authenticity- People buy any product from anywhere. And I think that. They never try to check. Whether the stone fixed in the karma tree of life is real or not.

Because in the stone market there is a lot of duplicacy. So be aware of it before buying the product. Purchase from a trusted platform and shop.


2. Some assume it as Aladdin’s lamp- We bought a karma tree of life and fixed it in the house and started wishing. If it clears your wishes, you are fortunate. But if not, then your belief that it is dumped stuff. 


Do not assume that it will clear your all wishes for life. According to me and what I noticed, the karma tree of life will boost you mentally and physically. To fight your battle of life. It gives you support. But does not act on behalf of you.


3. Our dependency on it- As I mentioned above. We fully depend on it. And stop doing our real karma. One thing you will have to keep in knots. The world looks as we wish to see them.


4. We have no belief in it- Some do believe more than the limit. They stop their karma and fully depend on it. And some buy it. But they are still confused about whether it works or not.


In the world of spirituality, there is no place for confusion. You may trust it or may not trust it. There is no middle way. So if you have a little bit of confusion then. My advice is not to purchase it.


5. Do not perform their karma- Most people are always in search of shortcuts. They think they find a lot without performing karma. 

This means without doing anything, you wish to find lots. But it is not possible, because life gives you a little, after lots of hard work.


So, to avoid working hard, people think that this stuff will help them and they find their target in life without working hard.

If you also have these types of expectations. From the karma tree of life. Then I advise you to not buy this product.




1. If you buy it, you are in a win-win situation.


2. It relaxes your mind, and keeps you stress-free.


3. It has medicinal properties, as citrine leaves help in healing thyroid problems.


4. It fills your house and office with positive vibes.


5. It heals your seven chakras.




1. Duplicate items.


2.  It is not the product that fulfils your wishes.


3. Very fragile item. So, it needs more attention.


My final verdict.


If you read all the topics, which I explained above. You make up your mind. Whether the product karma tree of life is useful for you or not. 

So my verdict is not more important to you, but according to me if you go to buy this type of product.

You have to check its authenticity, then buy with a belief that it works for me, and do your krama. 

Because this product only uplifts your level of energy, keeps you relaxed, and fills you with positive energy.

But it is not like the Jini of Alladin’s lamp, that it fulfils your wish in one jiffy. If you buy this karma tree of life for fulfilling your wishes. Then please do not buy it. Because it will not fulfil your expectations.


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Disclaimer: In this article, there is an affiliated link. If you buy I get some commission but it does not add on you some cost. So if you want to buy this product the link is given below.

Best of luck.

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