Do the work: overcome resistance.

Do the work:  overcome resistance and Get Out of your way. Have you ever felt that you should do something in life but then you are unable to do anything due to your laziness?


Do the Work ! Overcome Resistance.


As you keep postponing that work, a voice comes from inside you that you should do something.  


This seems quite frustrating. Isn’t it?  But now you will not be more frustrated. Because this summary is going to tell you about such practical methods by applying them.


Which you can become successful in life. It will help you to understand that instead of wasting time in planning, you should leave laziness and come straight to the issue. 


Try to bring the idea that you have in your mind into reality. This summary will also teach us to work properly and prepare ourselves to do the work and overcome resistance.

The Author

Steven Pressfield is a teacher, copywriter as well as author of famous historical and fiction books.  He graduated from Duke University in 1965.  His first book “War of Art” was published in 2002 and was quite successful.


Do the work overcome resistance and Get Out of your way by Steven Pressfield published on 20 April 2001

Do the work: overcome resistance Introduction 


Whatever work we do, we have to understand that we will find many obstacles and many enemies on the way.

These enemies are often external powers like distractions, rejections, and insults that do not allow us to reach our goals.

We not only meet these external enemies in the form of things and people around us, but some enemies also live inside us. 


Our most dangerous enemy is our own.  Do you want to know what his name is? So the name of this enemy of ours is resistance and its food is our doubts, our sense of insecurity, and our lies.


A strong force within us keeps telling us constantly, “We can’t do this, we can’t do that, we don’t deserve this, or we don’t deserve it.”


While listening to this summary, Do the work and overcome resistance. You can talk about this disease called resistance. You will learn more and learn how to get rid of this disease as well as other enemies.


 But before you go ahead, get ready to think about the purpose of your coming into this world and how to achieve what is your purpose.


Now think about those goals, plans, and victories, think about all those things, no matter how impossible or unreachable they may be for you.

But to reach your goals, you have to take some simple steps. Like taking action on the task you have envisioned and completing it in any case, no matter what it takes. 


There is a unique purpose in your life that no one else but only you can fulfill. So do such work in which you get satisfaction and fulfillment. 


So from today and now start living not for fulfilling the expectations of others but for your happiness and your goals.




Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci started his masterpiece “The Last Supper” with only three main themes?

His first theme was a table, which is spread across the canvas. The second theme was showing Jesus in the center and showing his disciples from left to right position.


The third theme was painted with a beautiful background. Behind the table and my masterpiece is made only. When there is a beginning to make, it requires taking a few simple steps.


The only difference between successful and ordinary people is that successful people do not delay starting any work. They take immediate action and do not leave it until the work is completed.


You don’t need to wait for any magic to start your work because the magic is inside you and not outside. 

The power which makes you different from others is your focus, passion, and perseverance. So just start working and then see if everything will happen automatically.


Da Vinci was able to create his masterpiece because of his determination, perseverance, and firm intention.


He added the rest of the details later. This story has been narrated to you. So that you can understand that. Even a great masterpiece begins in a very simple way. 


“Stop thinking, stop preparing, just do it”, that is, stop thinking in vain, no preparation is needed, just start the work.  


You have to understand that our enemy is not that we are not ready. Or the problem is not that there is a lack of resources. Or how challenging the project is, but the problem is our resistance. 


 Resistance itself prevents us from starting the work and incites us to leave that work. This resistance is the voice that we hear inside us. 


Which keeps resonating in our minds and reminds us of the world of excuses for why we should not do that work. 


This voice resonates in your mind. May be from your parents or grandparents or ancestors. Who advised you to stay in your comfort zone and stay away from all sorrows?


It is this voice that tells you to always go with the system and avoid trying anything new. We all have a comfort zone.

Because we find it to be a place that is well known to us, where we have many years of experience. 


This zone is the place where we have been living since we were born. So will you spend your whole life in this comfort zone? Do you find it more beneficial to stay in one place?


It is very hard to leave your comfort zone. It is definitely like taking a risk. But you can not grow without ever struggling. Have you ever heard that? Does anybody achieve anything without suffering?


Man learns only when he is hurt. But the most important thing is that. Without stepping out of your comfort zone. You cannot get an idea of ​​your true potential.


Your ability to do work and skill will emerge only when you struggle. Once you take the work in hand and focus on it. Then you will not need to fight with the resistance.


So what is that courage and boldness you need to fight the resistance?  If yes, then, believe me, you can live the life of your dreams. 


Once you decide what kind of life you want to live, then the first step comes after that research. But research is not only a part of the preparation for work, but research is a work in itself. 


So that’s why you don’t need to study for six months, highlight a line, or make notes. Just keep the necessary information in your mind, and then automatically ideas will start coming from inside.


Don’t think too much. Whatever idea comes, let it come.  Once an idea suits you, write it down immediately.  

Of course, it doesn’t make any sense right now, but you can do analysis later. So now you just go to work. 

Do you remember the story we told in the beginning?  Da Vinci began his painting with a raw idea.  


In the same way, you also have to start the work with the raw idea.  There is no need to waste time preparing for work, just start real work. You do not need to follow any strict rules for this to work.  


Most people think that you have to follow a very strict formula or start with a proper introduction, body, or conclusion.


However, you will not have any need for all these things nor do you need to stress your mind with any idea.


Not many ideas come at the beginning of work anyway. But once you can start. You find your way Yourself.


If you get the vision from the conclusion. Then you can start from the ending. If the idea of ​​climax comes. Then you can start from the middle.


You have your work, so you should have complete control over it. Therefore you are the master of your craft, add your skills and therefore you can do whatever you want.


You make the rules, and no one will blame you for it. Most screenwriters start with the business owner and the author’s end.

They first try to understand what their goal is, and where they have to reach it, and then they go backward.


Suppose you have to go to the upper floor of your house, then first you will climb the ladder which will take you to the top floor.


When you get a ladder, then you can climb up taking one step at a time.  Similarly, to find out what your goal is. You have to understand why you started that work. 


If you know this, then it will be easy for you to reach your destination. To reach your destination and find out the steps. Which will take you to the destination.




In Physics, we all must have read in class three or fourth about Newton’s Third Law of Motion. According to this, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. 


That’s why when you walk, your feet put pressure on the earth. And get friction. Because the ground also gives an equal and opposite reaction instead of your action.


That is why you keep walking and running.  When you think about making a brand in the world. 

Whether it is through a blog or writing your novel or creating a product. Whatever your plan is, this universe also gives you support in that proportion.


Gives an equal and opposite reaction according to the plan. In the earlier chapter, we discussed the meaning of the opposite reaction which is resistance. 


we will discuss above that resistance is the opposite reaction. Like the opposite reaction, there is the Equal Reaction of the Universe which is assistance.

Resistance is powerful and it is very difficult to remove it from our minds. But we can defeat it with the help of assistance.  


When you start any work of yours. At that moment the interest, expectation, and dedication that you put into your work. It proved to be a powerful tool for work. And they work like assistants which help to replace the resistance


This is the reason why the universe cannot live without being attracted to those wants and powers inside you.

So the Universe returns the response in the form of an idea. That is a unique idea. That starts coming into your mind automatically.


Like when you start writing a song. You start it with a few lines. But after some time the idea-related song is automatic and starts coming to your mind.


And don’t know how the song goes on getting longer. You are just surprised. You start writing a book. But after seeing you write a big novel and so on.


You start with just courage and determination. which is in your heart. But your work becomes an identity. Because the power of the Universe was with you. Which helped you fight the resistance.


Assistance is the force that increases your skill, knowledge, and creativity. It helps you to fulfill your dreams.  Now as we take this example.


Pat Riley is the basketball coach of the Lakers team. As a basketball coach for many years. Pat knows about the causes which affect the player’s game. Which are distraction and resistance. 


Pat considered the media, staff, agents, sponsors, and fans. All these factors can come in the way of the success of any game.


Pat calls these “Peripheral Opponents”.  But the exact opposite of this belief, resistance is not a peripheral opponent.


Resistance does not come from the peripheral opponent which is your boss, friends, family, or co-workers. But the resistance comes from within you.


So only we can defeat it. When we understand the main problem. The main problem behind the lack of motivation is not our domain. And neither our family nor friends.  


Rather we are the main reason for this. Even if you go to a nice and quiet place, your family and friend are very much supportive. You still can not beat the resistance, unless you want to make beat yourself.


However, the resistance may not come from within you. You have to understand that this is not your real self.


Some voices in your mind resist, and you are not responsible for them. These voices are just part of your personality and process of thinking. That keeps you behind and tries to pull. So in such a situation. 


What you have to do. Fight from the voice or leave it. This resistance is a devil. Which protects you not hearing the voice. But you are also no less than a soldier of god, you have to fight it firmly.


This is a devil that is very big and dangerous, which astray you from your goal. It is the devil who is sitting on the guard of the claim of success.

This devil named Resistance prevents you from going inside. And does not move from in front of the door till death.  


So the stronger the opener, the bigger the soldier. This means that the resistance becomes even greater. When your potential is large. When your power is big, you also get big enemies.


This devil is there only because it is afraid of your power. And this thing takes us to the conclusion that soldiers are always more powerful than dragons.




From childhood, you had a dream to write a novel. Which you have completed today.  

Now after completing this, you will think that. It should be put in the mailbox by contacting your agent. You will prepare to sell it.


However, you haven’t shipped it yet because inside you are getting scared. Fear takes over your heart and mind. It prevents you from fulfilling your dream and making your mark in front of the world.


But shipping is a big step that you have to take to fulfill this dream. So this is not the work of a coward person.


In the earlier chapter, we talked about the Devil of Resistance, and how it can be controlled.  But where has the battle ended now? 


We need a killer instinct inside us. That can go straight and rip the chest of the devil.  Suppose you have two big doors in front of you. 


It is written on the left door ” Heaven ” and on on the right side ” Books about heaven ”. It sounds very funny. Because most people will choose books written on Heaven instead of Heaven.


People will think like that. it is a big deal for them to go to Heaven. Someone will say like that Who am I to go to Heaven? Have I done anything to go to Heaven? And Am I worth it “ too?  


Even if we get a chance to go to Heaven. We will hesitate a little, and no one wants to go to Heaven immediately.

Then we will go to the door of that book. So that we can know about heaven, and how heaven looks. And how it feels to go there.


So why do we hold back or start making explanations? Whenever we have a good chance in front of us?  


The problem is that we don’t do this just out of fear of rejection. Most people also back out. The fear of success pushes him back and creates resistance in them.  


The fear of success is like a silent hunter. Who is not even visible. You will not even know that it is affecting your life badly by sitting inside you. 


In every aspect and you are sitting with your eyes closed to all the opportunities that you have got.


But the question is, why does such a thing as fear of success always come to us?  After all, how is it possible that someone gets scared by the name of success?


Marianne Williamson can give us a better answer to this question. He is a best-selling author and political activist.


Marianne says that we are afraid not because we are less than anyone. But because we are more powerful than we expected.  


We are as powerful as we can’t even imagine.  That is why we are not afraid of the dark as much as coming to the spotlight. 


We are always in confusion and ask ourselves “Am I skilled and pretty? So, we are afraid of what people will say about us. Or we are afraid of opinion.


We are afraid that no one will insult us or make fun of us.”  But we have come to this world for some reason, and our life must have a purpose to be born.  


You have a unique role in this world that only you can fulfill. So it would be good if we stop thinking unnecessarily that we can only do this or that. Because the truth is that we can do a lot.


Marianne even says that we are all children of God. So we are made to shine and move forward. 

You don’t need to give up or misjudge your potential to make someone feel comfortable. 


Our character is meant to rise in the name of God and make a mark in the world. Once we make our identity shine like a star. Then we will give inspiration to others too.


Always keep your shine by being real, without any fear or lies. In this way, you will be able to help and encourage the people around you.  


With this new possibility. We can confidently say that. We will select Heaven’s door.  Now we have become stronger and wiser. Now we are ready to face that barrier. Which is called exposure. 


Once you put your business on social media, you may fail and once you put your first video on YouTube, you may be judged.  Once you have posted your artwork, you can be insulted.


This is the truth to raise your voice. But this book does the work Overcome resistance inspires you to raise your voice. It gives you a new ray of hope. 


It also gives you a message about, what you can expect. Sometimes with author Steven Pressfield similar happened with that too.


Steven got his first professional writing assignment in the film “King Kong Lives”.  Which was written by his partner Ron Shusett.


He thought this movie would be a blockbuster.  So, he had reserved the banquets in advance for the successful premiere party. 


He invited almost everyone whom he knew. As the day of the premiere came. Both were very excited and full of confidence. But in the end, both had to be deeply disappointed.


Not a single man was seen in the premiere, whom they invited. He had only a few friends who had come to support them. Not because they want to see the picture. When the movie ended, the lights were lit.


Everyone quickly got up and immediately left the hall like they are in hurry.  Despite this, both kept hope till the first week came. But they did not get to hear a single positive comment about this movie. 


It was a very heartbreaking thing, especially for Steven. He was a 42-year-old man. And for starting a career in writing he left his full-time job.


He got a chance to be a part of the production field in Hollywood, and despite this Steven could not make a good impression. 


Steven was completely sad. He felt that he was worthless. He was feeling dumb. His friend was Tony Kopelman, who appeared as a motivator or guide in his life. He pulled him out of this helplessness. 


Tony asked Steven if he would give up now, so Steven immediately said “No.” To this, Tony said, “Then why are you sad? You wanted to reach this place, right? 


Just a big mistake from you.” It’s done. But you can stand on your feet again.” It’s just a result of being exposed to this field and also experiencing everything for the first time.


So you don’t need to be sad, you should be happy. His advice made Steven realize that. He hasn’t been able to see success yet.


Steve thinks that, so what if, at least he has seen the face of defeat? But his defeat has taught him a lot and it’s a normal thing.” 


If we bring ourselves in front of the world, we get exposed, but we should also expect judgment.


Experiencing failure and making mistakes is very important for growth and learning. So understand that fear and failure are completely normal things. You will not be able to learn anything until you have experience. 



We all want to be successful in our life or whatever we want to do, and this summary will show you the way to reach your dreams. 


This summary of Do the work overcome resistance and Get Out of Your Way

is not only written to tell you how to make your dreams come true but it also inspires you to dream. 


It encourages you to take the first important step to reach your goals and dreams. For this, you do not need to make big changes or do something completely different.  


Rather, your small efforts are enough, the only condition is that you have to be consistent and productive.  


You divide the summary into three parts:


First of all, you learned that start your work without thinking more. Whether you are fully ready or not. Because time never waits for us. You do not wait for much to plan your work. You just need to start the work once.  All will happen artistically


The second thing that you learned is that. When you go to do something which you want from the heart, this whole universe supports us. It allows us to grow and develop our skills. 


 In the end, you learned that success is not to be scared of but to grasp it. Now is the time to stop thinking about others. And think about yourself and give yourself a chance to shine.


As soon as you come into action, the resistance will automatically go away. This summary shows you the way to reach your dreams.


You too can achieve your goals like others, but for this, you are not stopping anyone else but yourself.

But to reach your goals, you have to take some simple steps like taking action on the task you have envisioned and completing it in any case, no matter what it takes. 


There is a unique purpose in your life that no one else but only you can fulfill. So do such work in which you get satisfaction and fulfillment. 


So from today and now start living not for fulfilling the expectations of others but for your happiness and your goals.

Best of luck.

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