How to convince people to buy your product?

How to convince people to buy your product? Try 8 tips and tricks. You feel fed up. When you do all your efforts but do not convince your customer to buy your product.


How to convince people to buy your product?

To convince or influence a person is a very difficult task and the task becomes more difficult.

When you want to get money from someone. So, no anyone easily throws his money on you or does not happily hand it over to you.

You noticed that when you go to buy something. You take all the information, read all reviews, and take advice from your friends and family members.

So, when you are satisfied with your collected information and decide to buy. You will want to buy the product from a trusted place or a trusted seller.

In the process of buying a product. The customer goes through the following process

1. Need- customer buys that product which he needs or takes interest in it

2. Collect information- means doing reviews, and taking advice from family members or relatives who have experienced using the product.

3. Search trusted sellers from the market. Or on which he has trust.

When all these criteria have been fulfilled. He will buy the product.

So as a seller, we have to think about whether our products fulfil all the above criteria or not. 

At this point, your marketing skills will be tested. Means, how do you identify the lacking of your product and eliminate it? How do you present your product in front of the customer so that he will be convinced to buy it?

So, as a salesman or shop owner, you will be facing similar problems on daily basis.

The question arises here how to convince people to buy your product? Why we are a failure in the optimization of sales of our products? Is there are some tips and tricks to achieve our goals? Yes, there are 8 tips and tricks which help you to rid of your daily problems and how to convince people to buy your product easily.


8 Tips and Tricks help to convince people to buy your product.


8 tips and tricks.


These are 8 tips and tricks-

1. Introduce “why” or reason-

You know that “why” is a very attractive word. A study, it’s found that, if at starting of any sentence “why” has included, people want to read the sentences and want to look to collect other information related to it, it kind of arouses curiosity in us.

So, try to be aware of your customer. Why they will buy this product? For example, one day I was sitting in my friend’s ready-made clothes shop.

A lady came to buy cloth for his boy. My friend shows her a lot of clothes. By seeing lots of clothes. She got confused.

Demanding more clothes to show her. I thought, my friend, understood her emotions.

He politely requests the lady, why she has not selected one of these clothes.

Lady replied because clothes are not according to her choice. Like issues of size, colours and cost etc.

He politely said to the lady. what colours, size, design and cost she liked. She explains to him.

So, my friend said to her, I will select clothes for you from my best collection. After selecting from all the open cloth. My friend aside five to six-piece of cloth of different cost prices, designs, colours and the same size.

I was surprised to see that. she takes interest in my friend selection. And listened to my friend carefully

He explained that your child is fair, then dark colour looks great on him, the fabric of clothes is very good, unique design.

He was trying to give her a reason. why she purchases the product from him and why the clothes are perfect for her child.

After this, she finally selected the cloth.

By sitting on one side of the shop, I saw all this happening. Several questions were swirling in my mind. When the lady leaves the shop.

And the question swirling in my mind. I poured in front of my friend.

The question is, How he understands the important emotion of the lady? If he knows she will purchase cloth from the five and six selected clothes from him. Why he will show her the full range of clothes, those he has? How he will end her confusion and retain her in his shop?

He answered every question. So, for the question, how he will end her confusion and retain her in his shop?

He answered me, I will give her a reason and try to engage her. When she felt fed up. Because of her confusion in choosing clothes. If I did not engage her. There was a great probability that she will be leaving my shop.

But because of my interference. I diverted her attention, by giving her a reason. Why not she will select the clothes from my best products in the shop?

Tips- simply give your customer a reason in form of “Why”

Trick- Try this, this is the product I use for several years, show pictures of your other client with the product, if you have reviewed that person show him.

2. Be an Emotional intelligent being

Being an emotional intelligence person you can easily convince people to buy your product. I know a question is arise in your mind like mine. If you read this article so much. The question is how my friend knew the emotion of confusion of the lady.

The simple answer is his social awareness ( social awareness is a dimension of emotional intelligence like other dimensions of self-awareness, self-management, and relationship-management) skill. He has developed it to the level of mastery. Because he was working in his shop since childhood.

So, by practised emotional intelligence. He understood the emotion of others by their gesture.

My curiosity increased more, I asked him, how did you know, she was confused. By her body language?

He tells about some signs, like when she talks to me, while she was in confusion. She was breaking her eye contact. Sometimes she was talking with me and sometimes keel-over and rolling over the clothes.

So, because of these gestures of the body, I assumed that customers have some confusion in taking decisions.

Tips- Therefore apply  Emotional intelligence to your customer. It helps you know their emotions or feelings.

Tricks- Sorry friend, there is no shortcut to learning emotional intelligence. It takes time and continues for the whole life of the span.

 3. Contrast principle-

When I asked my friend. Why he was showing her a full range of clothes?

If he knew that, she will select the clothes from five or six clothes.

He answered me, if you will show people two or three-item, people leave the shop. Because everyone wants to know about full ranges in a particular product. Which they want to see.

Even if they purchased a low-price product. But they want to do the comparison with the high range of products in a particular product. those they want to buy.

You noticed that when we see anything in one colour. We are not attracted to it. But when we see a thing in two or three colours combination. It’s attached to our eyes. It

So, the contrast principle works and helps you to convince people to buy your product.

Tips- Apply the contrast principle. It helps you in two ways. First, improve your sales, Second, free fund advertisement.

Tricks- You apply a high range to low range tricks. This means you first show high-cost products or your best products. It maintains the retention of the customer. Then gradually move towards lower-cost products.

4. Commitment and consistency principle-

I would like to tell you about my family’s insurance agent. He is one of the top policy sellers in the city branch.

When I think, about which habits make him the top seller? I noticed his commitment and consistency principle make him the best.

So, he regularly visits my house after an interval of one or two months. He comes in the morning take a cup of tea and reads the newspaper. Guppy with my father or with me.

While during the conversation. He also informs us about the new insurance policy, benefits of insurance and several monetary policies.

But he never forces us to buy a policy. So, whenever we think about an investment or buying a policy we considered him our first choice.

Because we trust him. And for making the trust, his commitment, and consistency principle work.

Because of the consistency policy, we assume the seller as our family member and build a relationship. And they easily convince people to buy their product.

Tips- commitment and consistency policy help you to link with the customer. Establish relationships and trust

Tricks- it is not essential that you regularly visit your Clint. Because In some cases your customer may be from out of town or out of the country. 

So follow the tricks of Joe Girard. Who sells more than 5 car and truck in one day and win the title of “greatest car salesman” in the Guinness book of world record.

He sends 13000 greeting cards every month to his customers. The card change every month from happy New year to happy Thanksgiving.

But the message that was written on the card never change. He only wrote, “I LIKE YOU”.  Which help him to make a great salesman.

5. Method of reciprocity (give and take)-

Reciprocity is behaviour in which two people or groups of people give each other help and advantage.

In another word, it is human nature we want to return the thing which we found from others.

Amway corporation company of USA deals with personal care product. How it turned a 1.5 billion dollars company in a few years from a basement operation,s company.

Amway corporation uses a method of reciprocity. In this process staff of the company distributed a full bucket of home products like detergent, deodorant, washing powder, polish etc. In every household.

Said them, they use the product for two days. After two days they will come again.

After two days, the staff will come again and take the feedback about the product. If they interested in their products. They give the order.

They recollect their bucket and distribute it in another house.

The result was unexpected for them. Their sales increased gradually day by day.

There are two or three reasons. Which helps them increase their sales.

1. When they give a full bucket of products to the people. They gave their trust to them. So, people also return their trust. By taking interest in their products and giving accurate feedback.

2. Goodwill of company increases.

3. Positive publicity.

So, these reasons help them to increase their sales and make them million dollars company in few time.

Tips- Use methods of reciprocity, make your trust in the customer in return customer giving you trust with money.

Tricks- Apply any method like Amway corporation. it helps you to brand your product.

6.  Social proof-

You noticed that people tell your l that they do not like pretend laughter. But they more laugh at pretend laughter.

For example, when you review the YouTube channel. You find a lot of channels with fake news, fake living story, and fake facts.

Find views in millions, because people like them.

So, the proverb is fit here “Jo dikhta hai vahi bike hai” means”what you see is sold”

When you buy a product from Amazon and Flipkart you first read the review of the product and then decide whether it’s trustworthy or not

The high rate of review leads to a high rate of sales.

These all are big organisations and have trustworthy customers. That’s why I would give an example of the general store in my town.

How social recognition works. Whenever I pass by a general store. Huge crowd flocking around the shop every time.

So, these incidents increase the pry to know. Why is that much crowd flocking the shop every time?

One day, I decided to visit the shops to satisfy my pry. I reached the shop and demand a razor.

He gives only one razor in 20 mint. This was excess time to complete a single demand.

Although his price was low 50 paise from another shop.

So when I evaluate all these, I found he got social recognition from society. By his method to make your customer wait longer. Which creates a crowd in front of his shop.

Like me when any pass along the way they also notice the crowd and think

“Surely a good quality of products will be available in the shops. That’s why there is a crowd here.”

And people are attracted to their shop.

Tips- Social proof work and business organisation are used magnificently like most restaurant owners park more cars in front of their restaurant. Manipulate in their reviews.

Tricks- Apply social recognition to your shop. You try to increase the retention of customers in your shop by doing various types of attractive remedies.

7. Scarcity principle-

This is one of the tried and trusted formulas. This is the simple formula used in the economy. When supply is fewer demand increases more and more.

Because it is human nature. Which we have lacked. We want to get the most. You notice that when you are a child. You know that the biscuit box going to empty. Your eagerness increases more to find more biscuits than your brother and sister.

The same principle is applied in business. You noticed it when you buy any product from an online platform.

In buying section, it is written that “only one in stock or two”. This is for manipulating your psychology. That is when you learn the notice. You think that, if I do not buy this product now, I missed it.

In several ads a timer is set.” Hurry time is going now”. Please purchase and take advantage of the offer.

Tips- The Scarcity principle directs strick to our mind. Have a great chance of a conversion.

Tricks-  You apply Richard’s technique. Richard was a salesman. Every week buy an old car and resell it. How was he doing this?

For selling the car. He gave an advertisement in newspapers. When Clint called him. He gave the same time to all his clients.

When they visited the office of Richard. They found more people waiting to visit him. So, he welcomes them and only tells them “sorry these all are interested in the car. If the client whom I entertain is not buying the car. I will refer you to sell the car, please wait for a while.”

By this on one hand he builds pressure on the client whom he entertains at that time. If he didn’t buy this car others will buy it.

On other hand, he also increased the pry of the car and eagerness to buy the car from others who wait in the queue.

8. Improve personality presentation-

People say, good looking not attractive. But they tell lies. In Pennsylvania  (America), research groups mark the accused according to their looks, and the case running in court.

When they check the record of court punishment of the accused. They found that attractive people find less punishment than unattractive people.

When you also follow your feeling and emotion. which type of person attracts you more?

You found that you have attracted more towards a good-looking and well-suited booted guy. Then a guy in casual wear and with messy cloth.

Especially in the sales field, it matters the most.

Tips- Improve your personality according to your title and authority. This means if you are a salesman wear formal clothes, improve your communication, and be a good listener.

Tricks- I will not tell you anything, which you don’t know. Wear good clothes, exercise, always have a small smile on your face when you interacted with your customer, and give your regards to everyone. 

For the question, how to convince people to buy your product? These are the 8 tips and tricks. Which you try to improve your business skill and improve your sales.

I will not tell you anything which you don’t know. It’s just that you didn’t notice it.

So according to me,  if you want to find the best result. Observe your surrounding awaken your emotional intelligence and start to keep practising.

Best of luck.


INFLUENCE- the psychology of persuasion:- By Robert Cialdini

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