Lose expectations from your life and be happy in your life.

Lose expectations from your life and be happy in your life. No one in this world has to live without expectation. We are social animals living in a society, with the same creature as us. 

Lose expectations from your life and be happy in your life.


We all have emotions to connect with other human beings emotionally and feel love and hate.

 We have the reasoning ability to understand the situation and make decisions in light of our understanding of the situation. These both increase our expectations of life.

We are always enthusiastic to explore new things. The new needs will arise, exploration of new things. First, our ancestors lived on gathering food. They lived a nomadic life.


But when they understood their emotion. They wanted to make a family. When they made a family they wanted to settle down in one place. But for this, they needed a regular supply of food. For this, they will do agriculture.

This means a development cycle started from that day and will start till now. And continue till the world does not end.


The expectation is the same as the need. One ends, another starts. There are two differences between expectation and needs: expectation is our imagination but needs are real.

 Expectation comes first then our need. Mostly expectation is the seed of need. We expected for our future. But we need it for our present.

For example, food is our need. But the tasty food we will eat for lunch is our expectation.


Emotion is the door of expectation. You have expectations with your wife, mother or father, and son or daughter they have expectations with you.


 If your past is not going well, you expect that your future will be good. We have other expectations like a good life, good health, success, money, and love in our life. Our expectation makes us work hard, efficiently, and devotedly to achieve our expectations.


But life is so hard and sometimes unfair, after a lot of hard work and devotion. We do not achieve our goal according to our expectations. And at that moment, it will be very hard to tackle by anyone.


Most people crumble down. Like the house of playing cards crumbled down by a blow of little wind. But few people stable their ship in the storm and sail their boat to the Shore of the river.

 How do they do it? The simple answer is they do their work without expecting, whatever will be the result of their work. Their main aim is to accomplish their work honestly and efficiently.


 In Gita Lord, Shri Krishna stayed ” do karma(work) without worrying about the fruit (result)”


We want to be free from expectations so that we can experience maximum bliss in the present moment.  But, how can one live life without expectations?  It’s not easy, but it is possible. What does it mean to have no expectations?  

To live without expectations means to experience life effortlessly in the present moment.  

This does not mean that we should ever make goals or plans for the future. They are essential to a fulfilling, meaningful life. 

 It simply means that we enjoy the journey instead of setting those and dream destinations.  

We live our days anticipating new experiences and following our instincts, rather than trying to control everything around us in advance. 

 The formula is that even if things don’t go according to plan, we can be perfectly fine with it.

 Because there we do not have the same attachment with us and when a different result comes from the expectation, then we do not give up. 

 Keeping yourself free from expectations means being calmer because you are living in the present, not worrying about what might happen in the future.

  Expectations from others It is difficult to strike a balance in terms of the expected citations of others.  

We worry about people who disappoint us or worry that we are not living up to the expectations of others.

  This is especially true of life’s spouse or family members, such as parents and children. Our expectations from them are very high.

  And because of this knowingly or unknowingly your behaviour changes. 


Joan Brown says in her book Dare to Lead, ‘I know that my life gets better when I work with the belief that everyone is doing their best.


Ways to Avoid Expectation from your life and be happy with your life.

How to lose expectation



1 Being in present- The simple way to let go of what you expect from life and others, live in the moment, is to focus on the present. Stop thinking about the future, observe, listen, talk with care. 

 When we are with people, then instead of thinking about other things, we pay attention to them, then they like it. 

One thing which we put in our mind. We have no power to change our past and know about our future. We only have the power to bliss our present.

So do all the effort. To make our present blossom. Our future will prosper. Because a strong foundation tells how many floors will be constructed on the foundation of the building.

 2 Do not be pre judgemental- This will not only be beneficial for you, but it will also benefit everyone around you.

We are very quickly judged by anyone, and give our judgment to anyone. The base of the judgment is not situational facts but according to our thoughts. 

What we think it does in that situation without thinking in what situation he does that work.

  It is harmful to just judge and criticize someone. Whatever it is, accept it. We should not expect others to have the same priorities in life as we do.

So it is better to inquire about all the aspects before giving judgment on anyone. 


3 Don’t think about the consequences- In modern life, we crave the fact that if we don’t think about the two steps ahead, we are lagging. 

 We think there are only two ways to achieve your biggest goals. One is a win and the second is lost.

But if we do the work without expecting that we win or lose. The problem will be solved. Whatever is the process of any work, let it happen smoothly. 

Then whatever the result comes, accept it and be comfortable that you have given your best.  Forget the rest.


4 Know your fear– we are very unknown about our fear. We do not identify that we do our work in fear or we want to do it from our heart.

For example, if we do any work in fear, we do not do it devotedly and efficiently and feel bored. But if we do it from the bottom of our heart we do that work devotedly, efficiently, and interestingly.

 The opposite of love is not hatred, but fear. Many of our daily actions are based on fear, but we do not recognize it well. When we feel fear, why it is happening is not always clear. 


Fear is the experience when our anxious instinct tells us that something is not going right. Recognize whether acting out of fear or under the influence of love.


5 Honest with ourselves- When we are honest with ourselves, we can truly know who we are and what we want from life.

  Renunciation of expectations gives us opportunities that we do not get when we are living under the burden of expectations. 


6 Be honest with others-  It can be challenging with others, but if someone is exceeding their limit, to be honest, then simply say, you did this, I am very sorry. 

 I was eagerly waiting for this.  If they are even honest, they will show that this was not their intention.  

They will either explain the situation or try to rectify the situation. If they don’t, understand that they are not the people you want in life or that you need to set boundaries.


7 Be satisfied and keep patience- You ever wonder, why ascetics live with joy in the jungle and under the tree without any amenities.

But even though we live in all the amenities. We will always be in sorrow. Because he has no expectations from life and he remains satisfied with his situation. And if it ever hurts. So be patient on that.

Then if we feel satisfied. The result of any work comes according to our expectation or not. Its impact will not affect us. 

Patience gives us the power to tolerate the unfortunate things that happen in our life.




We have no power to exclude the expectation from our life. Because it is but a natural phenomenon. 

But we have the power to tackle the crisis that happens when the result does not come according to our expectations.

The way to tackle the crisis is to be in the present, know your fear, do not be pre judgemental, honest with yourself, honest with others, do not think about consequences, and last, be satisfied and keep patience.

So, Lose expectations from your life and be happy in your life. 

Best of luck.

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