How to stop thinking?

When we feel frustrated and restless. A sudden pop-up comes into our minds. How to stop thinking? How to stop thinking about someone? And How to stop caring what people think? In such a situation, such questions are bound to come to mind. This is not new. We all suffer from this situation sometimes in life. 


How to stop thinking


These types of questions come to mind. Because somewhere the thinking process starts hurting us. Constant remunerating thoughts start hindering us. Thinking is the main culprit behind all our miseries. And as we think shall we do? So our doing is controlled by our thinking process. Therefore if we stop thinking most of the misery will be solved in one pinch. But it is as easy to say, as it is difficult to do. But if we want to save our lives from many miseries, then we have to stop thinking. 


How to stop thinking?


1. Apply state of flow.


Let’s start this topic with a small experiment.  Think of a time when you were completely engrossed in your work. When you are so busy with your work. At that time you have forgotten everything around you.  Now, think about your thoughts from that moment.  Was there a thought in your mind?  Do you remember it? Perhaps your answer would be no. Whenever this happens, you move to a different state.  You become one with the work being done.  This is called going into the state of flow. 


This state occurs when you feel very attached to your work. And lose all thoughts and emotions.  You get so caught up in your work that you completely forget where you are and do what you should be doing.  State of Flow is the same as a Thoughtless or Non-Thing State.  If you go into a state of flow, you are in a state of non-thinking. There is no place for thoughts, worries, and doubts in both states. Your subconscious mind is working and you can just focus on your activity.  A typical example of people who happen to be in a state of flow is athletes.  Athletes don’t analyze everything around them while playing a game, they just think about their game.  They don’t think anything, they just do.  Most people call this being in the “zone of flow”.


When athletes are in the “zone of flow”, they lose their thoughts. And do what they have been trained to do. The time he has spent in training preparation prepares him for the game. And he has to look his best while playing. During the game, they don’t think about whether what they are doing is right or not. They just keep in mind what is taught in training and go on playing with the flow.  Athletes who overanalyze things tend to lose their game. It is not because they are not skilled, but because they have not used their full potential.  


When athletes think, they feel hesitant to make their moves and start making mistakes. They lost the game. It was learned from this story that most people move forward without thinking. If you stop worrying too much about everything, you will be able to achieve more. A world where you don’t think much is a world where you become the best.  So, put away all your worries and fears and just start doing your job.  


2. Nothing is either good or bad.


Everyone has their own opinion. What is right for some people may not be the same for many people. You have to understand one thing: not everyone will feel like you. There is nothing good or bad in this world. It all depends on your attitude and everything around you. Let us understand this with an example, think of a piano. Note how there are different keys on it.  Can you say that one’s nature is good or bad?  The answer is no, isn’t it?  All we can say is that one is wrong when we expect something from him.


Let’s say the piano player plays a particular song and you know all the keys to it.  When he presses the wrong key you can immediately tell that these are not the correct keys for this song.  When he plays the song perfectly, you’ll be happy too because he didn’t make a mistake. Like the piano, there are no wrong decisions in life.  We simply think it is wrong when the situation is different from our acceptance. Our thinking of good or bad comes from the meaning that we associate with that situation. There are certain things that everyone accepts through shared understanding. So, the next time you feel bad, think about the world around you.  Is this bad or are you overthinking?


3. Positiveness.


I am not using positive thinking words here. Because whether the thinking is positive or negative impacts us the same. Because the constant process of thinking is itself a problem. Like the above example of an athlete, in which there is no place for thinking. If he starts thinking there is more possibility of failure. That is why whatever they have to think, they have to think outside the field. If they think after going inside the field, then they lose. So try to control your thoughts whether they are positive or negative. 


4. Know the difference between thinking and thought.


Most of us do not know that thinking and thought are different. It sounds similar but there are many differences between thinking vs thought. Thought is the sudden pop-up that occurs in our mind when we see, hear, and feel something. But thinking is the process that occurs to execute the thought. Like, the girl is gorgeous is our thought. But when we start thinking about how to marry her? is our thinking process.


So according to a study, researchers have found that. 10000 types of thoughts occur in our brain in 1 day. So thoughts are countless. But we do not want to execute every thought that comes to our minds. So thinking is countable. And that’s why we can control thinking. 


5. Generate consciousness.


Consciousness is the state of seeing, feeling, and hearing or noticing that something exists. Like knowledge of ourselves, knowledge of emotions and feelings of others, and knowledge of life. For example, Every day many things happen around us. Our life goes on with lots of joys and lots of sorrows. But when there is happiness in our life then our thinking process also slows down. We don’t even know what we are thinking, what do we have to think?


But instead of this when there is sorrow in our life then a flood of thought will come into our mind. Our thinking process gets faster. Do you ever think that is why this happens? Because we fixed happiness in our conscious mind but not sorrow. We never accept that sorrow also comes into our life. So when sorrow comes into our life our whole personality is shaken. We never expect that and the thinking process phase starts. Such as, how will we end this sorrow? What causes sorrow? And if it is not reduced then how will we live life?


Everything is normal till here and all people face it in their life. But the situation worsens when our moments of sorrow become prolonged. We start overthinking. But did not find any results. The reason is our consciousness. Because we did not know about ourselves and our surroundings. Because when we are happy, all look good. But when the situation is bad, then our people stand in front of us as a challenge. So what is the best way to avoid overthinking? Be aware of yourself. Be aware of the people around you. And be conscious about your life.


6. Meditation.


Take any mental problem. Meditation is his perfect cure. It is not like some medicine, should be given to you and you will be fine in one day. This is an ongoing process that you will always have to do. The more you do this, the more relief you will get. Because life is not of one day, or not the joys and sorrows that come with it.


So, how to stop thinking? How to stop thinking about someone? And How to stop caring what people think? These all questions are fib in himself. Because we cannot control our thoughts or thinking. Because it is a natural phenomenon. As we had discussed above, that thought is countless. So we can not control it. But thinking is countable. So by applying our consciousness. What is right for us to think and what is wrong, even if we have to think, then to what extent do we have to think? And It should not happen that you keep thinking and life will pass. So before your life will pass, stop or control your thinking. But here a question arises. What happens when we stop thinking or think too little?


What Happens When You Begin Living in Non-thinking. 


In the beginning, everything will be fine for you. You will choose everything right and feel great about them. You will no longer feel as many negative emotions in your life as you did before. The problem is that there will be times. When your mind itself will start creating problems.  


You will start experiencing doubts and worries in your mind and you will start wondering whether you made the right decision. This happens because your mind is unaware of the new practice.  All you have been doing since the beginning of your life is thinking and worrying.  Now that you have removed them from your mind. You will feel uncomfortable.  When nothing happens in the mind, it is natural to feel something is wrong.


What you need most at this time is trust. You need to believe in this process and in yourself.  Trust me, it will work for you. If it doesn’t, take it as a lesson from which you can learn. What we do not know can cause fear. Your mind is unaware of the state of non-thinking. But, this is the state where maximum experience and opportunities are created. This is the state where you can grow into a better person. Now don’t fall into the bad habits that you used to have.  


How to stop thinking? How to stop thinking about someone? And How to stop caring what people think? These all questions are fib in himself. So come out of this confusion. Your mind searches for familiar things. If you find yourself failing, again and again, no problem. Mistakes are also a part of human life. The important thing here is to get back on track. It’s great to be in a state of non-thinking. So don’t give up now, keep trying and keep going. Any obstacle teaches you something that will be useful to you in the future.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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