What is the difference between thinking vs thought?

What is the difference between thinking vs thought? When you first hear this question or topic. A pop-up comes into your mind, what is this rubbish? Is thinking ever different from thought? But it is different. The difference is like between sudden and a constant processes. Thought is the sudden pop-up that comes after the occurrence of any event in our life. And thinking is the constant process that starts after the thought.


What is the difference between thinking vs thought?


For example, when we taste any food. A sudden opinion pop-up into our mind. That the food is delicious or disgusting. So this is our thought. In other words, the first reaction occurs in our mind after any action or performance. But after passing out an opinion, the food is delicious. When we started to think about it. How did the chef make this delicious food? Which type of ingredient had been inserted into this food? How will I make it? So, finding out the solution to the above question. Which arises after the thought is called the thinking process.


You don’t have the power to stop the thought but you have the power to stop the thinking.


Thinking Vs Thought 


Where do Thinking and Thoughts come from?  Most people will answer, “From me, my thoughts come from me.”  We do not need any force or energy. Countless thoughts come to people’s minds every day.  Most of the time, we have no control over what kind of thoughts are coming to us.  


Now, let us look in-depth and understand what is meant by thinking. Thinking means doing something about your thoughts. This is an active interaction with that thought. With thinking you have a choice. You can block or interact with a thought.  Are you still confused about the difference between Thought and Thinking?  


So let’s understand this. Let’s take an example. I am going to ask a simple question. How was your presentation at the board meeting today? Let’s talk about what you just did.  When did I ask how was your presentation to the board meeting today? A response immediately came to your mind. Your simple answer will be good or bad. That’s how Thought works. They come at any moment without your effort and energy.  The process of thinking starts from the moment you choose to interact with your thoughts.  It starts when you start thinking about whether you give the right answer or not. This means what you do in the meeting and start evaluating your meeting.


Most people have no problem with their thoughts. When it comes to their mind, they don’t feel anything. The problem starts when they start thinking about it.  Let’s go back to the example.  When you first thought about your meetings you didn’t feel anything.  It immediately popped into your mind.  At the same time, when you started thinking about it, you might have felt about your right or wrong. What should you have done and what should not have been done?  


What are your thoughts about that situation, that creates your feelings?  Thoughts and Thinking are two related but completely different topics.  Stop blaming your thoughts for your emotions and focus on your thinking. You cannot control your thoughts, but you can change your thinking. Think good thoughts and leave others behind. You can’t feel bad about something you don’t think about. So these are some differences between thinking vs thought.


Why Do We Even Think?  


Thousands of thoughts are born in our minds every day.  An average of 6,000 of them are born in response to the world around them.  Most of these thoughts are negative. Not because we enjoy it, but because it helps us to survive. Humans have developed an idea which is called Negativity Bias. These thoughts are like if only I did one question. I can have qualified for this exam. Or I did not qualify for the exam, but at least I did my best.


In this, a person sees the negative side of every situation. Since time immemorial, negativity bias has helped humans to survive and thrive. This is the factor that activates our ‘ fight-or-flight’ nature in every situation.  Now in the modern world, this negativity bias is not very useful. We no longer live in a world where we have to struggle to survive.  


But the negativity bias of the mind forces us to focus on the negative side. Because of this, it prevents us from walking on the path toward happiness. Now is the time to let go of your negative thoughts and give your mind a rest. It has kept you alive for years. Let something else help you find happiness. This is the point where your consciousness comes from. Your consciousness allows you to feel better and complete. Through your consciousness, you will become more aware of your thoughts and emotions. You will be able to see the world from a better perspective.


Thinking too much makes a person feel anxious and frustrated. This will lead you to negative thinking and put you in defensive mode. Live every moment and forget everything for a while. Use your consciousness. This way, you will feel happy and free. Stop thinking about how things should be and start seeing what they could be.  If you will only use your consciousness to see the world. You will be able to see how much potential there is in the world. 


You don’t have the power to stop the thought but you have the power to stop the thinking. And how much to think and when to think?


How thinking affects our emotions? And what can be done to stop it?


In the above discussion about thinking vs thought. we know that there is a direct connection between our thinking and feeling. We feel what we think. But, this concept does not end here. Now we’ll go a little deeper about how thinking affects our emotions. And what can we do to stop it? Negative emotions usually arise when you think too much about something. Sometimes it can be for your safety, like feeling scared while going out at night.  


Whereas at times it makes you feel stressed and anxious. You only feel bad when you think about something. As mentioned earlier, you feel the way you think.  Most people think that everything will be fine by staying away from negative thinking.  They believe that the more positive thoughts they think, the happier they will be.  But this is also wrong. The key to feeling good is not to think about anything. You don’t believe it?  So let’s understand it with a little experiment.


Think about the happiest days of your life.  Try to remember the thoughts going through your mind at that time. Can you remember them?  Most people answer no. They can’t remember what they were thinking at that moment.  Why so?  This is because nothing was going through your mind at that time.  You weren’t thinking at all. You were just living that moment.  Yes, some people might remember how happy they were at that time. But it is because of this that they are grateful to be able to experience a good life.  


Now, my question is, did he get these thoughts before he was happy? These thoughts only came because you were already happy. You were not happy because you had positive thoughts. But these thoughts were coming into your mind because you were already happy. The important lesson learned from this experiment is that when you stop thinking, you just feel happy. The root of our sorrows is not our mind, not even our negative mindset, but our thinking. When we stop thinking, we come back to life.


Free your mind from the stressful process of changing things your way and start accepting things as they are.  We are all naturally happy people.  We only feel bad. When we start taking reality into our own hands. And thinking about things that are not really what we want them to be.  Stop thinking and start living.  The less you think about everything, the happier you will be.


Thinking too much is never a good option as it blunts your edge.




So Thinking vs Thought means, thought is your sudden reaction to any situation in your mind. And thinking is doing something about your thoughts. So you have no control over your thoughts. Countless thoughts come into your mind daily. But you are only thinking about a few of those thoughts. Therefore we have no control over our thoughts. Because it is sudden and countless. But we have control over our thoughts. Because it is countable and specific. So if you want to make your life easy. Stop thinking about how things should be and start seeing what they could be.  If you will only use your consciousness to see the world. You will be able to see how much potential there is in the world. 


Those who have conquered their worries have conquered their happiness.

Best of luck.

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