How to Find the Root Cause of Suffering?

How to Find the Root Cause of Suffering? Do you suffer from the hardness of life? Do you suffer because of a breakup? Or Do suffer from the loss of something important in your life? Do you know about Buddha cause of suffering?  But you are not alone in this world, Who only suffers? Everyone is going through suffering in this world. Because that’s how God made the world. Like, sunshine is incomplete without shade, love is incomplete without hate, and god is incomplete without the devil. So our happiness is incomplete without suffering. Here are many questions, ruminating in your mind. Such as, how happiness is incomplete without suffering. What is the relation between these two? Because both are opposite to each other. So how is it possible?


How to Find the Root Cause of Suffering?


We understand it like this. If your favorite dish is put in front of you. But after you do your dinner. Do you eat it? No, because your tummy is full. But if a dish is put in front of you that you never like to eat. And you’ve been hungry for 2 days? So it is my guarantee that. The food will taste more than your favorite dish. So our suffering is like our hunger. The more suffering we go through, the more delicious we will find the happiness that follows.


There are two types of suffering.


One is physical and the second is emotional.  Physical problems are such that it is impossible to avoid completely. You cannot control in any way what will happen to you and at what time.  But what if I tell you that emotional pain can be avoided? What if I say that you can live a life where you will not be emotionally hurt by the events around you?  Will you believe me?   


Buddha cause of suffering “The first arrow, the arrow with a physical problem, is uncontrollable, you can’t do anything to stop it. Whereas, the second arrow completely depends on how you react to the first arrow.  You can either feel the pain it brings or go through it. The choice is entirely yours”.  


Emotional pain comes from how you react to the world around you. It starts when you keep thinking about a negative situation in your mind for a long time. You keep thinking about it more than the problem you had in real life for a long time. Countless bad things happen to each of us every day. Some people feel a little pain, while others feel very sad and depressed. The difference between feeling good and being sad after every bad event depends on how you handle it.


Buddha cause of suffering “If there is a way to avoid feeling pain, why are so many people unhappy? “


So you have to accept your pain and suffering. Because it is human nature that when we accept anything in our life. We get used to those situations and are never frustrated. When the situation will come in front of us. Because our mind prepares for that. Like the Masai tribe living in the African jungle. They have to travel many kilometers to get water and food for themselves. They live in a hut made of thatch.


There are 10-15 houses in a village. Which are fences with only bamboo sticks. As you know, dreaded animals live in the jungles of Africa. These animals always attack them.  Sometimes they take away their pets, and sometimes they have killed people by attacking their homes. So they are accustomed to this life. It is not that seeing all this, their heart does not feel sad. But they have made this misery a part of their life. Along with it is also true that they are also happy with their life. Had they been angry with it, they would have left the forest. So, the biggest reason for this is that. They have learned to compromise with their misery. That’s why even in a lot of sorrow, they are happy.


Buddha cause of suffering ” Our mind was the cause of all suffering. We react as we think and desire. We suffer because we do not accept it. Our mind can either be our worst enemy or our worst friend”.  


So, How you deal with any situation and emotion, depends on your habits and mindset. If you know how the mind works, you will also know how you can use it to find happiness. In this way, you can be free from your emotional pain forever.


The Root Cause of All Suffering.


Thought has the power to create our reality.  They have the power to change our moods and experiences. Most people think that they are the master of their thought when in reality it is quite the opposite. We are what we are because of our Thoughts. The life of people having negative thoughts is useless. They are always in anger, fearful, and worried. They see everyone around them as their enemies. Often they get caught in strange situations and end up making wrong decisions. On the other hand, people with positive thoughts attract happiness towards themselves.  


They lead happy lives, and it seems as if everything is going according to them. There may be some minor ups and downs over time. But most of the time, they feel thankful for their lives and everything they get. Even though the lives of two people are the same, they can feel different. Like one man is thankful that he has a house to live in. While another is angry and sad that his house is smaller than what he wanted.  It all depends on our Thoughts.


We all have almost the same situation, and we all have almost the same experiences. The difference in our experience is due to our attitude. Reality and our view of it are two different things. Reality is true for everyone, while different people may have different views on it.  


Once upon a time, there was a young Zen monk who was having trouble focusing while meditating.  Every time he tried to meditate, something happened that distracted him.  Sometimes a cat would pass by him and sometimes he could not concentrate due to the loud voice of a man around.  Whatever the reason, he used to feel very angry and frustrated at the end of every meditation session. The monk tried his best to find a quiet place to meditate.  He tried to meditate on the banks of a lake. But the sound of birds there disturbed him.  


He also went to the other side of the lake but even there he felt uncomfortable. One day he saw a boat on the bank of the lake. He quickly got on it.  He thought that if he went to the middle of the lake, he would not have any problem there.  So, he started sailing. And reaching the middle of the lake, he felt peace all around him.


For the first two days, the monk felt very relaxed. While meditating, his mind was calm and his focus also became sharp. But, on the third day, his calmness disappeared. That day while meditating, his boat collided with another boat. He opened his eyes angrily, he wanted to scream at the man on the other boat. But he saw that there was no one else there except him, the other boat was empty. He thought that maybe due to the velocity of the wind or the waves. 


He must have come here by swimming on her own. The monk felt embarrassed and his anger subsided. At that time there was no one to make him angry. Then the monk realized that his attention was not getting distracted because of the events around him. But because of his reaction to these events.  He was thinking too much about the events around him. And that was the reason for not paying attention.  


Buddha causes of suffering “What happens to us is not the cause of our sorrow, but the way we think affects us”


Our thinking controls our emotions. If we think negatively, we feel bad, and if we think positively we feel good. You cannot blame the events around you for your suffering. This is the only thing in life. Which ups and downs come along with happiness and sorrow.




You are the one who makes things difficult for you. Have you ever wondered what your life would be like without these bad thoughts?  Well, I’ll answer it.  Without these thoughts, you would be able to live a much better and more relaxed life. In this way, you can change any situation.  No situation hurts us, rather our thinking is the root of our sorrow.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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