Life is unpredictable.

What life is unpredictable? What do you think about it? Have you ever faced situations like this in your life? which you never predicted. As far as I know, I haven’t found any man. Who never faces an unpredicted situation in their life. According to me, life is unpredictable and sometimes harassing. Trouble in life does not come after telling you. They come into our life with treacherous feet. And when they come in, we come to know. Now we are engulfed in a dilemma. That is, how should we welcome it? with happiness or sorrow. If you welcome it with sorrow, then the trouble looks like a mountain. And if you welcome it with happiness. The trouble’s mountain looks like a small mound. There is an old saying.


When there is a well on one side and a ditch on one side. So the better option is the one that has the lowest death rate.


Let me share an incident from my life with you to explain this thing better. I still remember that day my little son was born and there was happiness all around the house. That’s when we came to know that for a few days my mother has been having mild pain in her stomach. We thought it was a mild pain.  Taking normal medicine she will be fine. But when the pain did not subside. We thought that we should get a complete examination done by a good doctor. The doctor wrote some tests and gave medicines for 2 days. When the test report came. That was too normal. But the doctor had some doubts. So they referred us to the medical college. 


Life is unpredictable.


Because the medical college was in another city. That’s why we took them there. There he got a detailed examination, and in that, he was diagnosed with Gallbladder Cancer. All our happiness ended in a pinch. The weeds in our faces and the house became spread. Because she was in her last stage. As soon as my wife heard this news, she was in shock. She slowly went into depression. Because I was not there, no one was able to notice this. But his condition worsened from the inside. 


She was neither able to sleep at night nor able to take care of her child properly. The situation got worse. When she started becoming aggressive toward others and started leaving the house. Then I was informed about this. I was troubled thinking that one trouble had not ended. And another trouble was to knock on my door. My head was bursting with thoughts, so what should I do now? But as it is said?


Be patient when you have nothing in your hands to do.


I did something similar too. Because there was my younger brother with me. So I somehow got relief from there for 5 days and came to my house. I came here and got my wife checked by a good physician. After doing all his tests. The doctor came to the conclusion. That she had a hormonal imbalance. Which was because she heard the shocking news about my mother. And after the pregnancy the body of a pregnant woman is weak and his whole Harmon is in a shaking position. So it takes time to settle.


After that, the medicine started working slowly. And its effect started showing on her.  She was now sleeping soundly at night. Then I went to my mother for further treatment. But that’s called, isn’t it? If a storm comes, he will take something with him. And this storm, which came into my life, took my mother with him. After seven to eight months of treatment, slowly my wife also started recovering. And now she is all right. That’s why I say that life is unpredictable. When one problem comes upon us, we think, now another will not come. But life thinks the opposite. One after the other, many problems start coming into our life. So you have no option rather than to face your problems in life. If you want to live life. So why not face it with confidence? That we will come out as a winner.


How to face an unpredicted phase of life.


1.Take a deep breath for some time. It will control your anger, restlessness, fear, and sorrow.


2. Think about it, what is the cause behind this, is I the reason behind this, what alternative or choice do I have to face the situation, and then make a plan.


3. If you are the reason for this. Say sorry to yourself and to those who are affected by this problem. It makes you lighter. It removes the burden of regret from your mind.


4. Never leave the rope of positiveness, patience, and determination. These qualities help you when you get distracted from your path.


4. If something dear to you is going away from your life, then let it go, that is its destiny. Not only give him up from your life. But bid him goodbye with your heart and brain.


Life is unpredictable quotes.


What is going to come in life is not in your hands, but it is in your hands to deal with it.


Life is undoubtedly a gamble. In this, you don’t know what cards your opponent has. And when will he play those cards? But you know that the winner will be the one. Who plays the whole game patiently and plays the right cards at the right time.


There is no universal rule for life.  You have to make rules every day and break them everyday.


Life is the name of thinking about something else, doing something else, and getting something else.


Where does it hear that life is ruthless, so to fight the ruthless, you have to make yourself ruthless?


Not one or two places the whole body is cuticle. The pain asks, if you get up, from where did you get up?


Move on means life, and life means moving on.


Do not regret that, those you do not find, in his place appreciate what you get.


Jack of all masters of none always wins the match of life. Because he believes in living life instead of trying to make everything perfect in life.


Life is like a tangled thread, the more you unravel it, the more you get tangled. So it is better to make your life simple and straightforward.


So these are some life is unpredictable quotes that help you to understand the essence of life.




So in this article, we discuss that life is unpredictable and sometimes brutal. And know about the 5 ways. Which helps you to face the unpredictable phase of life. And also we know the 10 life is unpredictable quotes. Which helps you to know about the unpredictability of life and how to handle this phase.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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