7 tips for being a self-disciplined person.

7 tips for being a self-disciplined person. Who does not want to be a Successful person in this world? Everyone wants and works for success. But not all find success. You do hard work, feel motivated, your approach will be good and you have all good habits. But you do not get success. 


7 tips for being a self-disciplined person.


The simple reason behind this is. You have no self-discipline. The shortcoming is not in your effort and approach. But the drawback is that. You are not a self-disciplined guy. I have met many guys. Who starts their work vigorously. But after some time. They leave the task or go on long leave. There are many reasons behind this. 


Like they lose interest in that work and some unwanted incident happens in their life. Some people make a start, but do not know where they want to go. And some people who do all the work but do not want to take responsibility for it. So these are the symptoms of a not self-disciplined person.


Self-discipline is the soul of all habits. Self-discipline is our heart and All habits are other parts of our body. So without a heart, our body can not survive. Same like that without self-discipline all habits are useless.


We understand it by the story of John and Ali.  Both are close friends. Simultaneously completed graduation. And After completion of graduation, both of them thought of making their career in fashion design. So they do a course in fashion design. After this, both of them also got campus selection. In the first year, both got normal success.  But after that Ali’s performance gradually started declining.  But on the other hand, John became a popular dress designer.  


After some time Ali and John met. So they felt very happy, both of them asked about each other.  John felt strange to know that Ali’s career was almost on the verge of ending.  He was very surprised at how this happened.  Because Ali was also a good fashion designer. In education, skill, and potential both are on the same level. So John simply asked Ali to know this. How did this happen to him?  


Ali started answering this, he told that at first, everything was fine, but later due to the closure of my company. And then when I got the other job, there was no value of my talent. Gradually my interest in my work waned. I started thinking of switching over to another profession. Because of this, My constancy ended. Now I started taking a long long break. Now there is no target in my life. I am wandering and confused. What do I do? 


So self-discipline is the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person.  When we go to do any work, we plan for it, Prepare ourselves and motivate ourselves for it. We all do it. An unsuccessful person starts the work very vigorously. But after some time if any hindrance comes in their path. They get distracted from their work. They want to leave that path rather than pause their journey and think about other alternatives.


 While the same successful person never deviates from his work, no matter what the situation may come. He remains dedicated to his target, he has only one aim, I have to achieve my destination. So the gutt that does not allow us to deviate from our path is our self-discipline.


What is self-discipline?


A self-discipline is a power tool. Which makes a bridge between our goal and its achievement. Self-discipline is that habit that gives our motivation importance. Without self-discipline, there is no meaning in motivation. So self-discipline is self-generated cognitive behaviour that regulates us to do work in a specific time, method, and regularly. 


In our childhood, our teachers, parents, and elders always instructed us to be disciplined. They always taught us the lesson of discipline. And if we did not follow it, we also got punished for that. But self-discipline is just the opposite of it. In the case of self-discipline. We are both police and robbers. No one stops us from doing any work. We are the master of ourselves. 


So to make ourselves a self-disciplined person is a very difficult task. Because there is no one to stop us here. We have full authority over ourselves. That’s why there is more chance that we get procrastinated and distracted. So now it’s time to know about the 7 tips for being a self-discipline person.


7 tips for being a self-disciplined person.


The First tip is, to be aware of yourself.


The reason behind confusion and wandering in life is. Unknown to ourselves. When we do not know ourselves. We never make a clear decision. And this makes you a non self-disciplined guy. So by knowing yourself you can know about your weaknesses and strengths. Then you can better evaluate your position. And take the right decision.


The second tip is when you know your purpose in life. 


This means when you know what your goals and your targets are. You know what you have to do, when you have to do, What your plan is, and how to execute it. Then you do any work with a clear mindset. And a clear mindset has the least chance of distraction. And the least distraction means more self-discipline.


The third tip is, when you have an interest in the work. 


This means Interest in your work is the key to your motivation. if you have no interest. Then you have no self-discipline. You are like a wandering kite that has been cut from its thread. No one knows where it will fall. So do that work in which you have an interest.


The fourth tip is , you have to be determined. 


This means that only knowing about your goals does not make you a self-disciplined person. But your determination level determines how much you are passionate about your target.  So, your determination makes you a self-disciplined person


The fifth tip is, to be consistent.


You must have seen that many people start some work with great enthusiasm but leave after a while. This happens because those people are just not disciplined. They don’t know how to be self-disciplined. It is necessary to be consistent. So be consistent.


The Sixth tip is, to take responsibility for your actions. 


Mostly it is found that those people who are not taking responsibility. They are not disciplined people. They are lazy, procrastinated, selfish, and negatively biased. So take the responsibility for what you do. It makes you stronger and gives you the power to face the harsh situation of life. And the power to take responsibility makes us a self-disciplined person. Because responsibility gives us the power to be strict. and be consistent on our path.


The seventh tip is , enthusiastic about exploring new things. 


Many times we stop ourselves because we don’t have anything new to do. We don’t want to learn anything new. It decreases our retention power. And that’s why our interest in the work will decrease slowly. And low interest causes low self-discipline. That’s why our desire to know new things makes us a self-disciplined person.


So if your want to be successful then become a self-discipline person and for that, you have to first know yourself, second, know your purpose or target, third be determined towards your goal, fourth take interest in your work, fifth be consistent, sixth should take the responsibility of your doing, and seventh should enthusiastic to learn new. So self discipline is guaranteed to succeed.


Self-discipline is our armor. That protects us in the battle of life. Because no matter how many sophisticated weapons we have? They are only used to kill others. Not will protect us. So if we do not wear a bulletproof jacket. We don’t know which bullet will kill us. Well, just like that, no matter how much motivation we have, if we have no self-discipline. Then we will not find success.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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