Eating the frog technique is good or rubbish?

Have you ever eaten a frog? Or think of eating a frog. No, I will not tell you to eat a frog in reality. But to ask this question. I mean that you ever think to use the eat the frog technique invented by Mark Twain? Or want to use it. So in this Article, I will share my experience. What I think about it. Is it good or rubbish? 

Eating the frog technique is good or rubbish?

Do you use the eat the frog technique or method? Do you want to use it but get confused? Or do you use it but do not get success in it? So this article is for you. It will make you clear and give you a new dimension to think about it. Whether you have to use it or not. And if you use it then in which situation? So first of all we know about Mark Twain eat the frog technique.


What is Mark Twain’s eat the frog technique?


The eating the frog method is given by Mark Twain. His simple concept is that if you have hard work or a challenging task. Then do it first in a day. This means if you have to eat a live frog. Eat it first. This concept is used for making a daily schedule. Or make a to-do list in effective ways.


When I used this technique in making my to-do list. It just fascinated me. I was eager to use it. Because first it was new and second it made my schedule challenging.


But when I executed it. I faced a lot of difficulties. If the difficulty was because of my performance. I could improve it. But there were some other problems. Many questions came to my mind. And it was an interesting fact that all the questions were reasonably right.


Like, if you sit for breakfast and when you lift the lead from your plate. You find a green frog alive, sticky, and with the smell of mud on your plate. And you have to eat it. What will you do? Could you eat it? And if you will eat. What will be the chance that you could not vomit? So there are a lot of questions. That I will try to solve them one by one.


What do you do when a frog is on the breakfast plate? 


The First question is the one above. It means Frog on the breakfast plate. So what is the state of your mind? When you are told this. You will have to eat a green frog alive. Which is sticky, and with the smell of mud. You will feel scared. You fly from the table or throw the plate from the table. And if you try to eat it. There is every possibility that you will vomit. And if you digest it. You won’t be able to eat anything for the rest of the day after that. Maybe not even for another day.


Here we have to understand that daily schedules and programming for life or setting long-term goals are different. When you have to plan a day. You have only 24 hours. So you should know, how to make proper use of your time. If you sit in the morning with a big challenge. There is every possibility that you may get confused. Most of your day will be spent on that. And you will have no time left for other tasks.


Whereas when you decide long term goals. You have an abundance of time. There you can give priority to your challenge. Because you have time. Second, if you have only one challenge it’s ok. But my friend’s life is full of challenges. So eating the frog one day is ok. But daily at the same time. You can not tolerate it.


I will give you two examples to better explain my words. First, take the example of examination time. Suppose you are sitting in an exam hall. You get paper. You have 2 hours to solve 10 questions. What do you have to do? Eat the frog first or solve the question. Which you know very well and have confidence that I can solve the question easily and quickly.


There is no doubt that you choose the second option, not the first. Because if you once opt for the first answer. You have to spend a lot of time eating the frog. And because of that, you lose other questions also.


Here some people raise the question that the exam is a very short duration of work. In this, there’s no meaning to applying to eating the frog technique. 


So I think why not take an example of some problem or challenge? Like mathematical problems or project issues. We take mathematical problems. Suppose we have first taken a mathematical problem. Which seems hard for us. Solving it will not be that easy either. In the process of solving a problem, we will get very tired mentally. 


Even if we solve it, a lot of our time will be wasted. Now it is necessary to see how much time we have left in the day and for other work. So is it the right way to leave other works in the pursuit of one work? But if we start the day with such work. In which we have an interest and which we like to do. 


I believe that we will fulfill our work sooner and more confidently. And we have saved extra time for our challenging tasks. Now all the extra time we will dedicate to our challenge and to try to solve it. So here is our confidence and Don’t be in a hurry to finish the schedule. Make us relaxed.


The second question is: Is eating the frog right or wrong? 


This is not a matter of right or wrong. This is a matter of our discretion. We have to decide what is fit for us. And in which situation? Like if I make the schedule for the day. I use the technique to eat the sweet first. Mean from easy to hard. You can eat anything: chicken, vegetable or corn soup. Which one do you want? 


If your work is not like that in which you are involved more and it does not consume more time. Then you use the eating the frog method full-fledged. In the long term goal, you can use this method.


The Third question: Is not using this method? Prove me, coward. 


I am not stopping you from facing the challenge of your life. I only want that you do any work according to a strategy. This means, in what situation which method is used? Which method is a shooter to you? One thing which I follow in my life. That nothing is possible and impossible in life. It is just an excuse. So always face the challenge. But do not be an emotional fool. Apply your mind and think rationally. What is right for you? I am sure you will find the right answer. So playing smartly will not be cowardly.




One thing which also comes to my mind. Most 

of us are like sheep. And afflicted with mob mentality. Most of us do not apply our reasoning brain. And do not decide what is best for us. Second, Why is it that we only understand twisted things? Because if something is explained to us simply, then it seems lighter to us. Whereas straight talk is more effective and accurate 


So if I conclude my writeup. I only want to say that. If you want to use the eat the frog method. You do not use it for your to-do list. Because it only exhausts your mind. There is more possibility that the challenge takes more time and energy. If you have no work, then use it. But if you have other tasks which are more or less important to you. Then please do not use it. But it all depends on you. Because I can only give my view. But could not force you to do it. You will have to decide what is best for you.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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