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5 remedies to overcome fear.

5 remedies to overcome fear. Our fear is such a thing. Because of this, we have to face failure many times in life. Whether it is fear of defeat, fear of losing something, or fear of uncertainty. Fear is the shackles of our feet. That who stops our steps from moving forward. Our fear may be our selfishness or greed, sometimes it may be our unbridled ambition, and sometimes we may be the cause of our fear. Therefore our fear is our ambition, longing, greed, and doubt. Which makes our minds confused, frustrated, and restless. We are not in a condition. That we make the right decisions for ourselves. Basically, There are 5 causes for our fear.


5 remedies to overcome fear.


5 causes for our fear.


First, not believing in ourselves-


Not believing in ourselves or disliking ourselves is the first cause of our fear. When we start hating ourselves. And when our faith leaves us. So we are filled with fear. We start doubting our ability, energy, or intelligence. And because of this, we are always afraid. And many thoughts start arising in our minds. Like, whether I will be able to do this work or not, or whether losses will be written in my destiny. And because of this, we will be filled with fear.


Second, our robber mindset-


Yes, that’s why I call it the thieves mentality.  Because when the thief is caught. He makes many excuses. So that it can be proved that he is not a thief.  Similarly, we also become masters of making excuses in our life. Just to hide your shortcomings. We are afraid that someone will know our shortcomings. Then everyone will make fun of us. And the fear of our shortcomings fills us with fear.


Third, our unbridled ambition-


Being ambitious is not wrong. Be ambitious, work hard for it, and achieve your objective. But you have to understand this. There is no limit to human ambition. And often those who are ambitious are beyond their means. That would have been the cause of the rain of sorrow. And we always suffer from fear. Whether we can achieve our goal or not


Fourth, our selfishness-


We are all selfish or greedy. Yes, it can be right that, some are less, and some are more. I don’t say don’t think about yourself. But to what extent, it is also necessary to decide. We have to pay attention to the fact that it is our own choice. So it is not harming others. But when it encroaches on the rights or needs of others. So it automatically creates fear in us. That no one should encroach on our rights or needs.


Fifth, our expectations-


It is human nature that we all keep expectations in our life. And to be fair, if there is no hope or expectation. Then there is no life left. But sometimes we expect too much from our life or others. And this expectation of ours creates uncertainty within us. And this uncertainty creates fear in us.


So these are the 5 things that cause fear in us. So now let us know how to overcome fear from inside us.


5 remedies to overcome fear.


First, learn to love yourself-


Loving yourself doesn’t mean being selfish. Loving yourself means knowing yourself, maintaining your self-esteem, and most importantly, overcoming your shortcomings.  When these three things will be included in you. Then your fear will automatically start coming out. Because you will know about your shortcomings, and you also want to correct them. And also you will be full of confidence. So you will not be affected by the words of others. Which causes fear in you.


Second, just take a step-


Yes, there is a difference of just one step between your fear and your victory. Your fear makes you take a step back. And your desire and passion tell you to take a step forward. I guarantee you that just take one step, and success will be within your reach. Because of course your defeat and victory may be hidden in the womb of the future. But with that one step. You can remove the biggest obstacle of your life.  And because of that, there will be a flow of positive energy inside you. And you will not hesitate to fight any battle in your life. And you easily overcome fear.


Third, recognize your fear


Most people do not even know that they have a robber mentality inside them. And the reason for that is their fear. They don’t even know what they are afraid of. And then what is their reaction? Because of this, they keep on trying to make excuses, to put down their fear. So the best way to know those thoughts. Try writing it in a notebook. And practice what your behaviour should be at that time. Slowly, you overcome fear and the robber mentality will also go away.


Fourth, understand your ambitions and your needs-


There is no limit to human ambitions. You can think of anything from going to the moon to going to the grave. No one has any control over that idea. But you must know the difference between your ambitions and your needs. Your ambition sets your heart at ease. But your need makes your heartbeat. If you keep sacrificing your needs behind ambitions. So you will not be saved. That’s why first fulfil your needs and then your ambitions.  


The right ambition is that which can bring some positive change in your life. Or it can bring some happiness to your life. What about ambitions that fill your life with misery?  So give place to such ambitions in your life. Which will make your life meaningful. And then work hard. Because your fear of not working hard will eliminate your fear of not being able to fulfil that ambition.


Fifth, stop chasing fear-


Many times in life, instead of fighting the fear, we  Let’s start chasing fear. This means we always go one step back from our fear. So that our fear does not dominate us. But while moving backwards, they forget this. The shadow of our fear always looms over us. So leave your fear behind and you will go beyond it. The best way to do this is to prepare yourself for the worst of the worst conditions in your life. So that you will be ready to deal with any uncertainty.


So these are the 5 ways by which you can overcome fear.  But keep one thing in mind here. That your fear is just an illusion, filling your life with negativity. Because what is going to happen to you is written by your deeds and destiny. Whether you are afraid or not, what is written is going to happen.


Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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