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  • 7 benefits of power of silence.

    7 benefits of power of silence

    A fool man knows what to say, but a wise man knows what not to say. Yes, we know what we have to say. But learning what not to say takes a lifetime. The tongue is only 2 inches long and made of flesh. But it is more dangerous than an arrow. An arrow can take one person’s life. But the tongue can destroy an entire community or nation. Like Hitler, who may not have personally shot anyone. But his venomous words ignited the fire of war that engulfed the whole world. That’s why Acharya Chanakya says that “if a person knows when, where, and what to say. Most of…

  • Self-development

    Why you can not believe in yourself?

    Believe in yourself, my friends. How nice it is to hear and this sentence. But when it comes to trust in you. You can’t believe in yourself. Or when the time of trouble comes. You have to face defeat every day. You have to listen to the taunts of family members and outsiders. No one else shows faith in you. And you fall down with troubles from all sides. At that time this sentence in itself seems very meaningless. Even if you want to believe. But you cannot believe in yourself. Why does this happen, what is the reason behind it.     Is it not like that instead of…

  • 5 remedies to overcome fear.
    Personal development

    5 remedies to overcome fear.

    5 remedies to overcome fear. Our fear is such a thing. Because of this, we have to face failure many times in life. Whether it is fear of defeat, fear of losing something, or fear of uncertainty. Fear is the shackles of our feet. That who stops our steps from moving forward. Our fear may be our selfishness or greed, sometimes it may be our unbridled ambition, and sometimes we may be the cause of our fear. Therefore our fear is our ambition, longing, greed, and doubt. Which makes our minds confused, frustrated, and restless. We are not in a condition. That we make the right decisions for ourselves. Basically,…

  • Positive affirmations: For positive attitude.

    Positive affirmations: For positive attitude.

    If troubles have started knocking in your life. You can’t understand what to do next in your life. Darkness is visible all around in life. Your negativity is dominating you. Anxiety and depression victimize you. So read these positive affirmations for 21 days, whenever you get time, morning or evening. These positive affirmations for anxiety or motivation help you decrease your anxiety and boost your motivation level.      But here two questions must be arising in your mind: why should we read this affirmation only for 21 days?  And the second question is what is going to happen with the affirmation? So in this article let us first learn…

  • Is law of attraction is useless?

    Is law of attraction is useless?

    What is the Law of Attraction after all?  Is this the lamp of Aladdin?  Can we achieve anything in life just by thinking?  And if this had happened. Then the thing called problem or trouble would have ended from this world.  Because just we think from the heart and all our troubles end. And if by visualizing something, it can actually happen in our life.  And if it were so, we would have dreams every day.       So it means that all our dreams will start coming true. Therefore what work will be left for us to do? For this reason, many such questions keep arising in our minds…

  • How to change the impossible into possible?

    How to change the impossible into possible?

    Sometimes it seems that everything is impossible in life. Now nothing can happen to us. Everything is over now.  Maybe even Mary was thinking the same while lying on the hospital bed. It was only a few days back.  When she and her husband Henry, along with their two children, flew from England to Thailand to celebrate the New Year.  Everyone was so happy.  Both their kids John and Harry were so excited. He started preparing for the trip from November.       It was just yesterday, Mary and her husband had spent quality time together after so many days. What a pleasant atmosphere it was. But today she was…

  • Respect is earned not given.

    Respect is earned not given?

    Respect is earned not given. It can not be snatched and not be begged. It can only be earned. Everyone in this world, whether rich or poor, all are hungry for respect.  Many people earn a lot of money.  But they can’t earn respect. You must have noticed that when someone has a lot of money. Then he wants to earn respect by spending that money.  Sometimes we get respect at home but not outside.       And sometimes it is found outside, but not found at home. This means one of our sides always remains empty.  So to earn respect inside our house or outside of our house. We…

  • Failure is not an end.

    Failure in life is not an end.

    Failure in life is not an end.   Today I lost one more battle of my life. I am in shock. I think about how I will react to my loss. An inner batter between my heart and mind has started.     I wonder, why should I be sad? It is neither the first one nor the last one. But my heart tells. that you lose a battle. Your heart is broken. So, You should at least mourn a little. So a thought came to my mind.    That’s why everyone likes to win. No one wants to lose.  But the truth of this life is that both are…

  • I am alive, not dead.

    I am alive, not death.

    Doing love with life is not a joke.  Heart will be broken, it is not a joke. Life, you keep breaking me, but I will add you. After all, I am your true lover, it is not a joke.    One who has come into life has to taste death one day, this is an unchanging truth. But I believe that there are two types of death.  First in which our body dies. And second in which our heart dies. Our body dies one time, but our emotions, heart, and souls die many times.  Sometimes because of the abandonment of loved ones, sometimes because of someone’s deception, sometimes because of…

  • How to make the impossible possible?

    How to make the impossible possible?

    Never engulf in the possible or impossible. It is nothing but just an excuse.   Many times in our life we stand on the two-way. That the work is possible or impossible. We have to choose one from this and move forward. We all do it. But the problem is that most of us choose the impossible. And change their way. We run from our difficulties and miseries. Because it seems to be impossible for us to overcome it. But by avoiding these impossible things. We make a mountain of impossible in our life. Which we will never cross. Here a question arises.   Why do we think that any…