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    It is meaningless to regret the past and spoil the future and present.

    It is meaningless to regret the past and spoil the future and present. The present cannot be improved by repeating it over and over again.  So instead of getting bogged down in ‘I wish it was like this or wish it was like that, try to handle and improve what is in the present.      Mahatma Gandhi said- ‘Our future depends on what we are doing in our present life.”    This statement contains a lot in itself. The life of the one who understands it has become easy. We all at some point at the moment think. Why such a person like that and why are we like this!…

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    Endurance will come from right-thinking.

     Endurance will come from right-thinking. Often we think that money gives a protective cover and anything can be achieved on the strength of wealth, but this is only an illusion.    There are many such people around us who, despite being prosperous in all respects, live in the shadow of an untold fear. Rich have fear of becoming poor, the poor have fear from unexpected expenses, life has to fear death.   So not a single person lives their life without fear. The main reason for the fear is our thinking. Especially our negative thinking and our approaches towards how we deal with the situation of life.   Sometimes situations…

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    3 thoughts that harm mental health.

    3 thoughts that harm mental health. The real food of the mind is thoughts. What we keep thinking affects our body, mind and our whole life.      Over time, our thinking patterns are formed. Means according to change in the phase of life. The thinking pattern will be changed according to it.  Like, in childhood our main focus is to think about our studies and play. When we are adults, we think about marriage, livelihood, and other pleasures.  when we are in a phase of quadragenarian (40 to 49 age group). We think about our children’s future and other family complications that come into our life.  In the last…

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    Do you feel burning in the negative thoughts?

     “Do you feel burning in the fire of past bad thoughts or negative thoughts?”Then use 5 fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire. Past bad thought is garbage. Like garbage is thrown out of the house in the dustbin. Past has the same destiny. Throw out from your life.     Ruminating the past never gives us any benefit. So, like on our computer. When the unwanted record, takes more space and downs the speed of the computer. We delete it. The same condition applies to our brain. When our mind is full of junks of past thoughts. Our brain’s productivity is affected.    So, it’s better to delete the junk…

  • How to stop overthinking?

    How to stop overthinking?

    “To overthinking is a catastrophe” so, how to stop overthinking? In today’s world overthinking is emerged as a catastrophe and taking a shape of a pandemic.   Overthinking and other mental disorders like anxiety and depression engulfed the whole world. It is not a disease, which causes death.  But a source of death. Which put us on the doorstep of the mouth of death. Like suicide. Overthinking is a natural phenomenon. Nobody can be denied that they never overthinking. It emerges as a problem for u s.when overthinking is prolonged and becomes ingrained in our habits. So before discussing how to stop overthinking. We know about its components.   There…

  • Try emotional intelligence to control your emotion.

    Try emotional intelligence to control your emotion.

    Are you not able to control your emotion? Try emotional intelligence to control your emotion. You are one of those who get angry quickly with your staff, colleague, and family members. You get quickly excited about any work or any news. It seems you have no full control over your emotions. When we are in difficulty. We think that if we have Aladdin Ka Chirag. We rub it and the Jini of Chirag ends all the difficulty in one nap. But it is not possible in real life.      But if I tell you that, we have something somehow like Aladdin Ka Chirag? Like one who has control over…