9 common habits of successful people.

Want to be a successful man? Fallow 9 common habits of successful people. Every person is unique. In the success of people, various factors are involved. In these all factors habits are ones.

Want to be a successful man? Fallow 9 common habits of successful people.

It’s very much sure that every person has their unique habits. Which help them to thrive in their life.

So, I selected 9 common habits. which is found in most successful people.

In this article, I am going to explain the 9 common habits of successful people. And in last leave a question for you.


1. Value of time-

The two things which are not in the control of human beings. The first is life and death and the second is time.

We have no power to go into the past and change our past. No power to know our future. so we have no full control over the time.

We only do to manage our time. So to give value to our time is the reason behind the success of a successful person.

They give priority to their time. Spend their time like a miser person spends their money.

The successful person keeps bookkeeping every second and hour. He utilizes his time in productive work.

You think that, why we do not manage our time like a successful person? Or do we also manage time but not be successful?

In answer to the first question, time management is a skill. Learning to manage time is not a difficult task.

It is just like learning other skills. Like learning another language, other management skills, and academic courses.

How to manage your time?

How to manage your time?


1. Make a schedule for your daily task– In every morning you prepare a chart of your everyday task. It takes 5 min.

Most people fail because they start their work of the day without any planning, schedule, or strategies.

Shortly after starting, we trap in the maze of what to do first and what to do later. so, they left the work or do the task directionless

When we make a to-do list. We know what we have to do first and which work to do later. Which give focus on our task and help to avoid distraction

2. Strict on your schedule– In most of the conditions. We fail because we are not strict on our schedule or planning.

Our approach is like today work, complete tomorrow and tomorrow work, complete at day after tomorrow. Means procrastination approach. Lots of people are distracted because they are not strict about their work.

So, leave this approach and be strict on our plans. Strict on the plan is a self-discipline work that needs practice. How much you practice, that much you master in it. It takes a long time.

This approach not only helps you in time management. But also in achieving other goals and make you successful people.

3. One work at one time– This strategy helps you from exhaustion and overhauling.

Remember you are not a machine. You have some limitations. So, identify your limit and make a strategy according to it. Try to do one work at one time.

4. Includes rest period in your schedule– By including rest period. You protect yourself from exhaustion and overhauling.

According to a study published in the Indian newspaper Hindustan. That those people how to take a deep sleep remember more than those who do not take a deep sleep.


5. Try to accomplish past tasks–  When you prepare your daily schedule. You include a row for the remaining works.

It helps you to always remember your dues. If you find extra time in today’s work. You try to accomplish your past task.

This is some technique. Which you implement to successfully manage your time.


2. Value of money-

Successful people always give honour to their wealth. They always avoid useless expenditure.

A question must be swirling in your mind. How Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Justin sun. Spend a lot of money on one time of lunch and dinner.

There are two reasons behind this. The first reason is the branding and marketing of their brand.

A famous proverb is “money attracts money”. These are their publicity stunt. Which attract the people to know about them.

How much they spend in one night. They earn it double the next morning.

For example, you start a new business. But no one knows you.

You give advertisements in newspapers. Call all your friends and near ones on the inauguration of your business.

Why do you invest them before earning a single penny from your business?

The reason is simple. To know people about your business, the existence, and the branding of your brand. To scale up your business.

They invest their money. Where the money gives a return.

So spend your money in the right way. Not to be miser, not to be expensive. Because God gives us money to spend but in the right way.

How to spend your money.

1. People who won’t be rich – lean and work on the method how to put money work for them.

2. Identify your assets and liability. Assets increase you’re income and liability increases your expenditure. So, try to pay off your liability more invest in increasing your assets. Stay financially healthy by investing in income-producing assets.

3. Move from conservative investment (fixed deposit or saving bank account) to revolutionary models of investment ( SIP, Mutual fund, and equity)

4. Two types of spending approaches fallow by the people. First, Earn- Pay off tax or liability- spend. second, Earn -Spend – Pay off tax and liability. Generally, the first habit is used by salary workers and the second approach is used by businessmen. Both face the same legal consequences.

5. Successful people are eager to invest instead of paying bills.

Successful people invest where they found good returns. The second reason I describe later in this article.


3. Lover of himself-

By a study, it is proved that. People who love themselves most are protected from mental disorders.

Lover of himself does not mean selfishness. It means, does not assume. we are inferior, we have some defect, we will not do this work or that work and hopelessness.

Most successful people are confident and strict on their stand. Recently Elon musk,

The owner of space x will be going to sell his last bungalow.

To accomplish the dream to make a human habitat or village on Mars.

For this project, he was promised that. If needed, he will sell all his property to finish the Mars project by 2050.

So, this is the confidence of Elon musk on himself. Although he faces several obstacles and sells all his property. But he is strict on his plan.

So, lover of himself means confident in himself. That I can do anything and everything. Which I want to do.


4. Reader-

A successful man is always eager or in search to learn knowledge. Reading is the best source to earn knowledge.

If you notice every successful man has a big archive of books. The book has the quality to connect the past with your present.

Books give you the power of reasoning, the power to make the right decision and protect you from misconception.

When Warren Buffet started his career, he would read 600, 750, or thousands of pages per day. Even today, he spends more than 60 per cent of his day reading.

Your friend leaves you. But the knowledge you earn from the book never leaves you. This knowledge helps you in every moment of life. So, it,s better to friendship with books rather than people.

9 common habit of successful people.

5. Humble-

Most successful people are humble by nature. They give respect to all

Because they know the meaning of failure. You know that, before becoming president of America. Abraham Lincoln went through the very worst phase of his life.

He lost his job, lost the election, and had a nervous breakdown.

Jack ma the founder of Alibaba was rejected 31 times before becoming a successful businessman or millionaire.

So these failures soft the heart of these people. Because they know the meaning of failure.

Jack ma says that if you want to learn from successful people life. Learn from their mistake or failure.

Success and failure are the two phases of life. Like, day and night. If you fail today, tomorrow you will be successful. If today you are successful, tomorrow you will fail.

This is the natural phenomenon that nothing is fixed in the world for always.

So respect all. Who knows one day he will be next to Abraham Lincoln or Jack ma.


6. Focused, passionate, and patient-

Focus, passion, and patience are the ornament of successful people.

Successful people are focused on their target. Passionate to overcome all the hurdles in the path of their target. And take patience when they have failed.

I would like to tell you the story of great escape. How the allied forces prisoner escapes from war camp Staley lift 3 of German forces.

The three design features made it hard to make the tunnel almost impossible from this camp.

1. The camp was made on the sand.

2. The habitat of prisoners was on a high level from the ground.

3. Seismograph microphone installed everywhere.

But one man Rozer Brussell was changed this impossible thing into possible.

Three tunnels were made TOM, DICK, AND HARRY. In which two are unsuccessful. HARRY was successful.

Over 600 people were enrolled in the whole planning. According to investigating agency report.

4000 bed, 52 twenty man tables, 34 chairs, 76 benches to build tunnel wall and ladder.

635 mattresses, 192 bedcovers, 161 pillow covers, placed against the wall of the tunnel to muffle the sounds.

1219 knives, 478 spoons, 582 folk, and 1000 powder milk can be used as digging tools.

1000 fit electric wire was used for lighting.

The length and breadth of the tunnel were 336 feet *2 feet.

To manage these heavy pantries was not an easy task for them. But they have done it because they were focused on their target and were passionate about it.

When two of the tunnel was not successful. They took patience and never stopped their attempt. They continued doing their work.

When they started to escape from the jail. Various trouble they had faced. Like, the exit point of the tunnel was opened in the open area near a sentry tower.

Second, the problem they faced. Due to the winter season, the hole of the exit point was frozen.

The third problem they faced was a blackout caused by near strick. Because of that, the tunnel was damaged.

These all incidents was slow their mission. But not able to stoped them.

In this mission, 76 prisoners were successfully escaped. The 77th man was spotted by guards.

The German guards recaptured 73 out of 76 prisoners. who flew from the camp.

Roger Bushnell the mastermind behind the full planning was caught the next day.

As he waited for a train at Saarbrucken a town just 20 miles away from France border.

So, focus, passion, and patience. Filled the courage in you that, you can do anything or everything. Which you want to do.


7. Philanthropist-

Above I shared news of the Warren buffet auction for lunch. The other side of the auction was philanthropy. To help the poor

Bill gates founder of Microsoft run a charitable organization named Milinda and gates Foundation. Works with UNESCO in a different country for the benefit of children and women.

If you read all the holy books of a different religion. All religions advocated that it is the responsibility and duty of those people.

Whom God awarded with wealth. Distributed one portion of their wealth in the deprived sections of society.


8. Rest periods-

In this competitive world. We cannot even think for the rest. But we did a mistake here.

Generally working-class people. Dedicated themselves fully towards their work.

Keep spinning on the same mill as the ox of crusher. They have no time to think big.

But successful people always think to do some different. To increase their wealth and productivity.

For this, they take rest or include rest period in their calendar.

Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft include thinking week as rest periods two times in one year. In his rest period, he isolated himself.


9. Take the risk-

One of the common differences between successful people and unsuccessful is habits of taking risks.

They never hesitate to take risks. They follow the Simple formula high-risk high gain.

Above I have given the example of Elon Musk. How he will be enthusiastic to complete his project at any cost.

For this, he sold his entire property. Because he knows the taste of the fruit of success.


So, these are 9 common habits of successful people. Which you have to follow to begin a successful person.

But when I write this article one question which bothered me. Which I want to share with you and request you answer.



Being a billionaire is the criteria of having successful?


Best of luck.

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