A healthy mind will make your life happy.

A healthy mind will make your life happy. If you are in the mood to make some positive change in your life then first emphasize keeping your mind healthy. Our mind is the most powerful system. Which helps to live a more fulfilling life.


A healthy mind will make your life happy.


Happiness is the main goal of life. Anything we have done is for happiness. For example, what gives you the motivation to do hard work to achieve any goal? The simple answer is for satisfaction and happiness. Because when we achieve our goal. We feel satisfaction and happiness.

Even, when we do small work. The reason behind doing that work is to find happiness. Like, drinking tea or coffee according to our choice, moments with your partner, and sleeping on your bed.


A healthy mind will make your life happy.


What is a healthy mind?

Mind is that power system. Which control our emotions, thought and feeling. What we act, why we act, and how we act all are controlled by our minds.

In layman’s words, the mind is the powerhouse of our body. Which controls all the actions done by us. So, the mind is the system designed for giving you happiness.

It not only gives you happiness in the moment of happiness but when you want to be happy. To understand healthy mind power and how it affects our happiness? I give you a simple example.

You observe that your mood is not right. You feel sorrow. After some time your mind automatically starts the healing process by generating hope and recalling your determination and passion.

You found that when the thought relating to the above three starts remunerating in your brain. Your mind and heart start to fill with positive energy and that energy opens the way to happiness.

But mental illness makes you wither. It withers your heart and mind and vanished the fragrance of happiness from your life. So in up-gradation of mental health. A healthy mind plays a vital role.

Most people think that the mind is the generator of anxiety and depression. But you have to change your opinion. The mind can be the source of all-powerful and beautiful values in life. Just need to make it healthy.

How to make your mind healthy?

1. Choose an activity of happiness.

Choose an activity in a full day, which gives you the most happiness. Means, do that work which gives you happiness. Like, if your interest is to do cooking, cook a dish for all family anytime in a full day to enjoy.

If the company of your wife and partner excited you or give you pleasure. Then add a schedule of one hour and half an hour for that to your to-do list.

Because when you spend time focusing on the qualities of love, empathy, motivation, and effort to promote it, you give yourself a clue of the direction you want yours to accept by your mind and heart.

As much as you want to do the task in which you get more pleasure and happiness, your mind will be that much more positive. Which keeps your mind healthy, and a healthy mind keeps your mental health healthy.

2. Always be aware and alert.

Always tries to be aware and alert. For this, just sit alone in a quiet place, and take some deep breaths. But these all need peace. Because peace helps you to concentrate on your breath and connect you with the positive vibes of the world.

And everyone knows that concentration is essential for alertness and awareness. But here a question arises in your mind, that in the noisy life. It is quite a difficult task to search for a place. Where we do meditation and mindfulness exercises peacefully.

But do not worry, you have a golden hour, which solves your problem. The golden hour is early morning, the cold and peaceful environment of early morning. It refreshes your mind and helps to concentrate on your practice.

You also utilise your extract time of the morning for improving physical health. Because for integrated growth of the whole personality you have to emphasise both in equal proportion.

How to do meditation?

Just sit alone in peace full place may on your balcony or the roof. Take a deep breath, and focus on your heart area. The meaning of focus on this area is to return the mind to its original state.

And there is peace. We continue it for some time and take the enjoyment. It opens the way to a new experience of peace and welfare for you.

3. Vision.

Have you made a vision or further goal for yourself about how your life should be or how you want to live? Your vision can fill your reality with inspiration, even changing how you see yourself and the world.

Vision is the polar star that shows you the right path. When you wander in the maze of life. Vision gives your mind a reason for happiness. When you fill with sorrow the reason pushes you to fight the battle of life.

It will help to give you the right purpose, meaning, and direction for the long term. whenever there is a situation of doubt in your life. Check yourself to see whether the path you are going to take is in line with your vision.

Creating a vision gives you clarity, which is essential for keeping the mind healthy. It keeps your mind away from the burden of unnecessary thoughts. Which often leads to confusion and born misconception.

4. Break the chain of unconscious reactions.

You say or do today, what you said or did yesterday. Means how much you try to avoid the past. It comes in front of you in any form. Which pushes you back into your past. In some cases, it’s come and go.

But in some cases, especially those suffering from mental illness. It maintains for the long term. Which causes damage to our mental health. So, to break this chain of unconscious reactions, just stop and watch how you feel.

Before saying and doing anything spend some time in silence. Then ask yourself if your thoughts or beliefs are bringing you joy and peace. So, you deserve to think better. Wait for a few seconds for a healthy impulse to come into your mind.

You will feel that happiness is closer to you. Repeat this exercise daily and strengthen your mental health.

So a healthy mind will make your life happy. For this you have to do some good practices like daily doing work in which you have more interest, being aware and alert, trying to prepare a long term vision, and breaking the chain of past thoughts.

This practice keeps your mind healthy and protects you from mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, and depression.

Best of luck.

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