• Mental-healing

    How to calm your mind? (11 tricks)

    Let any sorrow or trouble come in our life.  Or some kind of challenge may come in front of us.  Or we may have to face circumstances opposite to what we thought.  So its first effect falls on our mind or on our brain. Our mind starts getting restless. Our anxiety starts increasing. Fear starts to haunt. We are stunned. We hesitate to move forward. And then the condition gets worse. When in that situation. We do not understand anything, nor do we see anything ahead. Darkness surrounds us everywhere.   Whatever we do is wrong. Even after knowing everything, we take the wrong path. And there is only one…

  • Why Bootstrapping is perfect for the Startup growth? 

    Why Bootstrapping is perfect for the Startup growth? 

    Bootstrapping is the word that first originated with the phrase: ” to pull oneself up with your bootstrap” between the 18th and 19th centuries. Then after this word is used to get out of the situation by using existing resources. Today this word is mostly used for new startup growth. Bootstrapping startup is a startup, which is raised by the use of its own resources. That means it fully depends on internal funding.     What is bootstrapping in startups?   Bootstrapping is a term used in the startup industry. For the startup, that grows their business by the use of internal funding without calling for outer investment. These are…

  • 7 ways for mental health in the workplace.

    7 ways for mental health in the workplace.

    7 ways for mental health in the workplace. At present time we all face tremendous pressure in our workplace. Sometimes the pressure is to complete the file, sometimes our boss and colleague are our problems, and sometimes we are the problem.     Our working life is like a roller coaster. Which at every turn makes us surprised and full of fear. The reason behind this is our attitude. The outdated method to counter our office problems. The relationship with our boss and colleagues. Our approach toward our life and work. So these all impact our mental well-being in the workplace.   No doubt at this time the corporate world…

  • 4 ways to increase brain power.

    4 ways to increase brain power.

    4 ways to increase brain power. We face many types of difficulties in day-to-day life. At the same time, we do not recall anything. Like in the examination hall, office, and during the conversation. Day by day our performance has been dull. We can not retain what we have studied. We get distracted when the focus must be needed. And because of brain distortion. Alzheimer’s and dementia-like diseases affected us. These all mean that we lose the power of our brain.     The brain is like the CPU of our body. Which controls the performance of our whole body. What we act, react, and keep reminding all will depend…

  • Why do we need god?

    Why do we need God?

    Why do we need God? This question sounds as simple as it sounds, But the answer is as crooked. We all have different versions of the answer to this question. For some god is the light of hope, for some, he is the sailors of their lifetime, he is a friend, he is a protector of them, and for some, he is nothing or never helps when they need it.     This means that everyone worships his god in the form of god helping them. Or in that form, they want to do it. Or they want the help of god for which purpose.    In Hindu mythology, it shows…

  • How to cope with judgemental people?

    How to cope with judgemental people?

    How to cope with judgemental people? Most of us face different types of questions from morning to evening. Some questions are related to our professional life and some are related to our personal life. These questions are from our relatives, family members, colleagues and society. But Basically, the question from judgemental people are more pricked in our hearts.     These judgemental people do not come from any special class of society. But they are every we’re. In our house, friend circle, in society, and our community.   They have no work to do. They only have work to make a judgment about you or any person. Without knowing about…

  • Financial-wellbeing

    7 cures for a lean purse.

    7 cures for a lean purse. In this article, we discuss seven secrets of keeping your purse fatty at all times. We all want to keep our purses full. But it is not always possible. Sometimes because of the harsh changes in our life and sometimes because of our faults.     It is a fact that 70% of people are born in poverty, live in poverty, and die in poverty. If hard work is only the basis for being rich. Then every worker should be the richest person in the world.   So for being rich, we have to apply a smart strategy in our life. With hard work,…

  • How to master the millionaire mindset?

    How to master the millionaire mindset?

    How to master the millionaire mindset? Have you started thinking that there is no way for you to become rich? You will always be in debt like this? Do you think you possess the ability that can make you rich?    Or are you too afraid to take a small leap like a timid person? Are you beginning to believe that you can’t change your way of thinking and you can’t achieve success?       Every person gets a chance to grow and get success. We have all those talents and skills with the help of which. And when we can get success in life. We can live the life…

  • Mental-healing

    How to build mental toughness in your life?

    How to build mental toughness in your life? Are you frustrated with back-to-back challenges in your life? Are you frustrated about your upcoming exam? Hopeless about the challenges? You think like everything, that only I am in difficulty and all the miseries are gifted by god in my life.     But your thought is wrong. You are like a frog which only does torture in his well. And think that the well is the whole world. This is an indication of a weak mentality.   The weak mentality when observing that. He is in danger or his beliefs are in danger. It created an illusion that he is a…

  • Mental-healing

    How did visualization become your path to success?

    How did visualization become your path to success? Thinking and visualizing any want and goal is a common thing and we all do it. We visualize it with an open eye and a closed eye.      From close eyes, I mean what we see in our dreams. There are many hypotheses related to dreams. But one common hypothesis is that. Our dream is a screening of what we think and what we want on a full day or in our life.   A picture is worth more than a thousand words   With open eyes I mean, many times you observe that. While sitting in a lonely place or…