• 7 benefits of power of silence.

    7 benefits of power of silence

    A fool man knows what to say, but a wise man knows what not to say. Yes, we know what we have to say. But learning what not to say takes a lifetime. The tongue is only 2 inches long and made of flesh. But it is more dangerous than an arrow. An arrow can take one person’s life. But the tongue can destroy an entire community or nation. Like Hitler, who may not have personally shot anyone. But his venomous words ignited the fire of war that engulfed the whole world. That’s why Acharya Chanakya says that “if a person knows when, where, and what to say. Most of…

  • Self-development

    Why you can not believe in yourself?

    Believe in yourself, my friends. How nice it is to hear and this sentence. But when it comes to trust in you. You can’t believe in yourself. Or when the time of trouble comes. You have to face defeat every day. You have to listen to the taunts of family members and outsiders. No one else shows faith in you. And you fall down with troubles from all sides. At that time this sentence in itself seems very meaningless. Even if you want to believe. But you cannot believe in yourself. Why does this happen, what is the reason behind it.     Is it not like that instead of…

  • Is law of attraction is useless?

    Is law of attraction is useless?

    What is the Law of Attraction after all?  Is this the lamp of Aladdin?  Can we achieve anything in life just by thinking?  And if this had happened. Then the thing called problem or trouble would have ended from this world.  Because just we think from the heart and all our troubles end. And if by visualizing something, it can actually happen in our life.  And if it were so, we would have dreams every day.       So it means that all our dreams will start coming true. Therefore what work will be left for us to do? For this reason, many such questions keep arising in our minds…

  • 5 tips to improve your public speaking skills.

    5 tips to improve your public speaking skills.

    Make the power of speaking, a way of success. 5 tips to improve your public speaking skills. We all speak, but when we have to speak in front of a larger audience, or on the stage. Our legs started trembling and our mouths became sealed. We can not speak a single word. Sometimes even our names. If you are also facing a similar problem? And want to be a public speaker. Then this video will be helpful for you. In this article, we discuss the 5 tips which will help you to overcome the fear of public speaking. And will sharpen your skill of public speaking.     Once a…

  • How to Find the Root Cause of Suffering?

    How to Find the Root Cause of Suffering?

    How to Find the Root Cause of Suffering? Do you suffer from the hardness of life? Do you suffer because of a breakup? Or Do suffer from the loss of something important in your life? Do you know about Buddha cause of suffering?  But you are not alone in this world, Who only suffers? Everyone is going through suffering in this world. Because that’s how God made the world. Like, sunshine is incomplete without shade, love is incomplete without hate, and god is incomplete without the devil. So our happiness is incomplete without suffering. Here are many questions, ruminating in your mind. Such as, how happiness is incomplete without suffering.…

  • How to show love for your child?

    How to show love for your child?

    How to show love for your child? Ching was from a poor Chinese family. When she was ten years old. Her mother started sending her to work in the households. Ching never went to school. Her boss used to treat him badly. When she grew up, she went to Australia where she met jack. Soon both of them got married. He worked very hard and started his family by buying a small house. Jack was a taxi driver. Ching still went from house to house doing the cleaning work. She had no option. Because she was not educated.      They had two children named Martha and Tom.  Ching swore…

  • How to be a morning person?

    How to be a morning person?

    Do you want to be a morning person? But not found success? Are you one of those who tap on the snoozing button in the morning, but never wake up? Do you even think about why you feel lazy in the morning? What is the reason behind it? Or do you want to get rid of this habit? But do not find success in it. So, do not be upset. You’re not only victims of morning laziness.      If I tell you that you know the answer. You won’t believe me. But the fact is that we all know about the reason behind this. We all know that. Because…

  • Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

    Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

    Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.  My brother failed the exam because he was overconfident about his preparation. He looks at this man, he fails because he is an overconfident-bias man. We all use this type of comment for others. Like for our relatives, family members, colleagues, and for our opponents. But we never use these types of comments for us.     Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. Which footprint we can’t see in ourselves? Overconfidence is visible only in others. That’s why our disorder is identified by others. So, the conclusion is that. We are all affected by overconfidence but do not accept it.   Overconfidence…

  • Housewife: originator of power.

    Housewife: originator of power.

    A housewife is a woman whose work is to manage her family home. The work managed by her is- housekeeping, caring for children, husband, and other family members. Storing and buying glossaries, cooking food, and cleaning cloths for the family members. She keeps up to date and organizes all the stuff in the house. To feel family members please, prosper, and keep the wretches away from the family. Why I give the heading housewife: a deprived section of women community. “The housewife is an unpaid worker in her husband’s house in return for the security of being a permanent employee: hers is the reductio ad absurdum of the employee who…

  • 5 steps to conquer your inner critic.

    5 steps to conquer your Inner Critic.

    5 steps to conquer your Inner Critic. You may notice that. We start some work with energy. But after a few days, our willpower will be distributed. We will get confused, bored, and procrastinate on that work or towards our goal.       For example, when we start a weight loss program. We start it with full josh but after a few days, all of our josh will be frozen. The same thing happens when we go to study.   We get distracted and confused from our studies within a few hours. And we also same problem in our office. We get feared and restless because of our past failures in…