• I am alive, not dead.

    I am alive, not death.

    Doing love with life is not a joke.  Heart will be broken, it is not a joke. Life, you keep breaking me, but I will add you. After all, I am your true lover, it is not a joke.    One who has come into life has to taste death one day, this is an unchanging truth. But I believe that there are two types of death.  First in which our body dies. And second in which our heart dies. Our body dies one time, but our emotions, heart, and souls die many times.  Sometimes because of the abandonment of loved ones, sometimes because of someone’s deception, sometimes because of…

  • How you feel happiness from inside out?

    How you feel happiness from inside out?

    There is a man. Who has all the amenities of life? But he did not feel happiness from inside out. One day he was sitting in the garden. He was looking very frustrated and restless. Sitting in one place, he was thinking for many hours. His body was there, but his mind was elsewhere. A question that was bothering him. Why are we not feeling happy even though we have everything? After a long time when he did not get his answer. Then he tried to know the answer to this question from other people also.     But no one answered satisfied him. After wandering for a long time,…

  • Should we be afraid of death?

    Should we be fear of death?

    Are you afraid of death or fear of death? Yes, yesterday a person asked me this question about whether we should be afraid of death or not. The question was a small one but it bothered me for several hours. I kept thinking about this for many hours. If so, then this is the most important question of life.  But I had never even thought about it till today. It was the first time that someone asked me this question.     So When I started thinking about this question, suddenly a pop-up thought popped into my mind. That it is cowardly to be afraid of death. Because from childhood.…

  • Life is unpredictable.

    Life is unpredictable.

    What life is unpredictable? What do you think about it? Have you ever faced situations like this in your life? which you never predicted. As far as I know, I haven’t found any man. Who never faces an unpredicted situation in their life. According to me, life is unpredictable and sometimes harassing. Trouble in life does not come after telling you. They come into our life with treacherous feet. And when they come in, we come to know. Now we are engulfed in a dilemma. That is, how should we welcome it? with happiness or sorrow. If you welcome it with sorrow, then the trouble looks like a mountain. And…

  • Reality-of-life

    Bitter truth is the reality of life.

    The bitter truth is the reality of life, which we accept as much as quickly. We can make our life happier and more satisfactory. Our life is a combination of sweetness and bitterness. The bitter truth of life is that lesson. If we can understand it. It makes us great men. Or if we evanescence the bitter truth or ignore it even after seeing it. Then no one is a greater fool than us. The fool man is like an ostrich. Whenever an ostrich suspects that a hunter is chasing it. He puts his head in the sand and thinks that the hunter is gone. He thinks that if I…

  • Life is pain: feeling of being alive.

    Life is pain: the feeling of being alive.

    If there is life, there is pain.  If there is pain, then there is a feeling of being alive.  If there is the feeling of being alive, then there is the hope of living life.  If there is the hope of living life, then there is the courage to fight with life.  If there is the courage to fight with life, then there is success in life.   Pain is that thing that no one wants in their life. But pain is like a glue that does not leave us till our death. Whether we want it or not. When we come on the earth we give the pain to…

  • Reality-of-life

    Too much of anything is bad.

    Too much of anything is bad. Be it love or hate. Too much of anything is bad. It makes us blind, deaf, and handicapped. If we love someone too much. We try to bind the person with the chain of love. But we forget that a chain is a chain, whether it is of love or hate. we do not understand the feeling of others. It has another side also. Because excess love also makes us deaf, blind, and handicapped. We lose our discretion and depend on the person from whom we love blindly. So on one-side blind love make us a cruel jailer. Who wants to keep the lover…

  • How to deal with toxic people?

    How to deal with toxic people?

    How to deal with toxic people? We mate with different types of people daily. In which for few we feel delighted, for few we have no emotion, but few are so negative that their behaviour sticks in our mind. And will hinder us for a few days. These are toxic people. That toxicity spreads in our minds and makes us mentally ill.     But if these people are those from whom we never met. This thought is good for relaxation. But let me tell you that such people are also present in the people around us. They may be our relatives, coworkers, or friends. But it is very difficult…

  • Reality-of-life

    When breath becomes air book summary.

    When breath becomes air book summary. In the current phase of life. We all want success, a name, and fame. But all these need patience, perseverance, and hard work. But many of our young friends search for shortcuts to all these. What pushes them is the darkness. And they commit suicide and go through mental breakdowns.     They look fit from the outside. But from inside they are that much hollow. If there is even a small obstacle in their life, then they crumble down like a playing card house.   According to a report from the world health organization the age group of 18-29 years is mostly affected…

  • Reality-of-life

    God of love: The story of a young girl.

    God of love: The story of a young girl. This story is edited excerpts from the story of famous Urdu short story writer and novelist Qurratul Ain Haider. His famous works include ‘Aag Ka Dariya’, ‘Mere Bhi Sanamkhana’, ‘Chandni Begum’, and ‘Yeh Daag-Daag Ujala’.     She was born in Aligarh, India. Her father was a famous Urdu writer and diplomat under British India. She grew up in a rich western culture since childhood. At the time of partition, she flew to Pakistan.   When she visited India in 1956, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, an integral friend of her father asked her. If she wanted to come to India.  …