• 12 actions that help to change of habit.

    12 actions that help to change of habit.

    Bad habits are like a termite. Which makes us hollow from the inside. And we’ll never know.   Do you get angry with yourself? When you eat burgers or sweets. When you are on dieting?  Have you ever promised yourself that? you will stop doing all those bad habits. Which is not good for you. Many times you try to change of habit or bad habits. But after a few days, you stop trying. Yes, adding new habits is easy. But to lose old habits is very hard. And when it is our bad habits. It looks impossible to lose. Ever you thought that? Why did this happen? What are…

  • How to make the impossible possible?

    How to make the impossible possible?

    Never engulf in the possible or impossible. It is nothing but just an excuse.   Many times in our life we stand on the two-way. That the work is possible or impossible. We have to choose one from this and move forward. We all do it. But the problem is that most of us choose the impossible. And change their way. We run from our difficulties and miseries. Because it seems to be impossible for us to overcome it. But by avoiding these impossible things. We make a mountain of impossible in our life. Which we will never cross. Here a question arises.   Why do we think that any…

  • 7 tips for success.

    7 tips for success.

    Success is not only to achieve, success is to make an effort at your full capacity. Without thinking about the result.   Do you want to know the 7 tips for success. We all want or desire to be successful person. But unfortunately, many of us have not found success. Sometimes we are so helpless or restless. That we assume that success is not in my destiny. Maybe god forgot to write a script of success in my life. We think that we put in a lot of effort, but I have not found success in that proportion. So these types of questions are remunerated in our mind.  But there…

  • Know the time management technique invented by Elon Musk

    Know the time management techniques invented by Elon Musk

    Do you want to Know the time management techniques invented by Elon Musk. Time Time Time. Where are you? Please come. I wait for you. You also become the servant of successful people. I know you want to live in a big house.  But this is not fair. I also want you. I need you. Please come. Most of us complain and cry that we have a scarcity of time. We think that I wish the past would come back again. But the time will not come. Because we never give respect to time. We always insulted him.      So what is time? Does time have any importance in…

  • 5 tips to improve your public speaking skills.

    5 tips to improve your public speaking skills.

    Make the power of speaking, a way of success. 5 tips to improve your public speaking skills. We all speak, but when we have to speak in front of a larger audience, or on the stage. Our legs started trembling and our mouths became sealed. We can not speak a single word. Sometimes even our names. If you are also facing a similar problem? And want to be a public speaker. Then this video will be helpful for you. In this article, we discuss the 5 tips which will help you to overcome the fear of public speaking. And will sharpen your skill of public speaking.     Once a…

  • 7 tips for being a self-disciplined person.

    7 tips for being a self-disciplined person.

    7 tips for being a self-disciplined person. Who does not want to be a Successful person in this world? Everyone wants and works for success. But not all find success. You do hard work, feel motivated, your approach will be good and you have all good habits. But you do not get success.      The simple reason behind this is. You have no self-discipline. The shortcoming is not in your effort and approach. But the drawback is that. You are not a self-disciplined guy. I have met many guys. Who starts their work vigorously. But after some time. They leave the task or go on long leave. There are…

  • Motion & Emotion - The Mind and Body Connection.

    Motion & Emotion – The Mind and Body Connection.

    The body and mind connection is like connection of motion and emotion. Our mind and body are more connected than we think. Whatever the mind thinks, the body feels. It is applicable in every situation. Human emotions control his behaviour. Those emotions are influenced by their current state. The state I am talking about now is not just a state of mind. It is about the state of both the mind and body of man. The emotions of a person depend a lot on his current state. If you are in a positive state then you are happy and if you are in a negative state then you behave negatively.  …

  • How you feel happiness from inside out?

    How you feel happiness from inside out?

    There is a man. Who has all the amenities of life? But he did not feel happiness from inside out. One day he was sitting in the garden. He was looking very frustrated and restless. Sitting in one place, he was thinking for many hours. His body was there, but his mind was elsewhere. A question that was bothering him. Why are we not feeling happy even though we have everything? After a long time when he did not get his answer. Then he tried to know the answer to this question from other people also.     But no one answered satisfied him. After wandering for a long time,…

  • Should we be afraid of death?

    Should we be fear of death?

    Are you afraid of death or fear of death? Yes, yesterday a person asked me this question about whether we should be afraid of death or not. The question was a small one but it bothered me for several hours. I kept thinking about this for many hours. If so, then this is the most important question of life.  But I had never even thought about it till today. It was the first time that someone asked me this question.     So When I started thinking about this question, suddenly a pop-up thought popped into my mind. That it is cowardly to be afraid of death. Because from childhood.…

  • Why is my life is hard than others?

    why is my life is hard than others?

    Yes, there is no doubt that life is hard. But sometimes we are because of our thinking. Make our hard life even harder. We are just a joke in the eyes of the people. No one takes pity on our tears. Rather people call us liars and weak. In all those thoughts. One thought is that. Our suffering is the greatest in the world. Do we always complain that why our life is hard than others? Why do I only face problems? are all the problems written in my destiny? why others are happy but not I am. These are all thoughts ruminating in our minds. When we go through…